I believe that most of you would nod in agreement on this factual observation: the world we live in today operates as a fast paced 24/7 culture. This has the predictable effect of peoples' minds being crammed with an accumulation of life stressors.

Working people take these stressors to the office everyday where the odds are that more stressors will be piled on. The stay at home moms and /or dads don't escape this either. They worry about the health and safety of their children as they go off to school everyday. They worry about the prevalence of the drug culture & the growing amount of school violence ( right inside the school buildings). They worry about the kids falling prey to sexual predators lurking around schools and playgrounds, or the pressure from their peers to experiment with sexual practices (because "everybody" is doing it). They worry about health issues such as infections being somehow introduced into the school and spreading like wildfire.

No matter what your role or station in life, it is virtually impossible to completely avoid stress. However, it's not the stressors themselves that are most important; the critical factor is how you choose to respond to them.

One of the main reasons people feel stress is they sense a lack of control. At work, people feel that they don't control their work routine and that the boss just keeps pouring on more to do with unreasonable deadlines to be met. They are not asked for their opinion or point of view.

When they arrive home at the end of the day, their spouse is waiting to unload on them the concerns, incidents, tragedies that they had to deal with during that day, involving the kids, the home, finances, the car, etc etc. and they need their partner to get involved and participate in finding solutions.

If the persons facing these stressors allow themselves to be overwhelmed by the issues, if they feel a complete lack of control, the situations can quickly deteriorate and become even more stressful. But, if they can learn to say ...."Wait a minute,I do have choices here. I choose to NOT be a victim of stress. I choose to examine the options that are always available in every situation". Options are often not clear to the person whose mind is "boggled" with stressors.

Here's the reality. People do not have to be mindless slaves to a job or a boss. They do not have to just accept a worrisome situation involving the kids and the school system/situation. They do not have to just accept their scary financial situation. There are always options open from which to select the right path for the beginnings of a solution.

The first thing to deal with is the "self talk "that is going on inside of you. Is that inner voice simply repeating the thoughts of negative outcomes? More than likely, this IS what is going on internally. We have in our personal "tool box" a beginning understanding of the personal power we each have, along with knowledge of the principle that we attract what we are thinking and talking about. So, we know that the first thing we need to do is turn off that negativity (release it , let it go) and express to ourselves in a loud and clear internal voice....exactly what is the OUTCOME WE WANT TO ACHIEVE?

It won't happen magically and /or instantly, of course. But as soon as you are thinking and talking positively, you will start to feel better, more relaxed, more in control. WHY? Simply because releasing negative thinking and replacing it with positive thinking, gives rise to intelligent actions such as steps that can and will be taken, one at a time. Now you begin to have the feeling that you are on the way to a solution and the endorphins do their thing inside of you and the stress, begins to melt away.

Why is it that there are many people who always seem completely unaffected by the stressors of life? It's not that these calm, in control people, don't have to face stressors in their lives....they do. Everyone does. Their ability to cope comes from the fact that they intuitively know what mind-set will help and what mind-set will hinder and be counter-productive. They know that they can choose to deal with the problem by starting with an examination of the options. Then they decide what they want to achieve as an outcome and what further actions it will take to get there. They may not even have the slightest awareness that they are in step with the energy vibrations of the universe. They may not even have heard of the Law of Attraction. They just intuitively know what behaviors are a waste of time and energy and won't contribute to a solution. They know what WILL make a difference- positive thinking, letting go (releasing negative thinking) and taking intelligent action steps.

Many of you are likely just very naturally working with & following the Law of Attraction principles, without having read about it or studying it. But it will make you feel very good to read about this and to be able to accurately say to yourself, "Wow! I am ahead of the curve on this. I'm already doing the right things!"

Do you think that Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, or for that matter, any of the Fortune 500 CEOs, spend a lot of time worrying about negative outcomes in their lives? Of course they don't. They are too busy thinking positively, looking ahead, deciding on what it is they want to do next. And the universe just keeps on rewarding them with more and more of what they are crystal clear they want to achieve. Were Messrs Gates and Buffet born rich? Were they always successful? No.....they started out like most of us, facing a world of opportunity. They decided to do what they love doing....what they had a passion for. They knew what they wanted, thought constantly positive about it & soon their thoughts became things /realities in their lives, because of those intelligent, step by step actions that they took & that they KNEW would generate the results they wanted.

The other good news is this. Success, money & achievement, are all available to everyone. There is no short supply of these "commodities". There will always be plenty for everyone, so you are not running out of time. It'll be there for you when you have made up your mind what it is that you want to DO, BE, or HAVE. But is there any better time than NOW,to start something this exciting and worthwhile? Get on board. Start defining what it is you want and then positively, relentlessly go for it. Enjoy the satisfaction of experiencing little achievements every step along the way. Be happy in each moment. You are doing something very positive for your life, so celebrate each small step victory. Then, as you persist, NEVER giving up in your quest, soon you will see the manifestation in your life of those BIG DREAMS.

I know!I understand that there will be many among you who are convinced that "my trolley is off the track". You are convinced that blood, sweat and tears and a lot of luck are the only things that will bring you some measure of success. Well, as Dr. Phil would say -"Okay. How's that working for you?" Just examine closely any successful person of your choice. You'll find that they intuitively practice all the principles we've talked about. Or, they have purposefully learned about the Secret and the Law of Attraction and are consciously applying the principles in their lives. But, you have a choice, as always. You may choose to continue in your present path or you can choose to read, study & examine closely what we have been discussing and see if it begins to make sense to you.

Whatever course you choose, I wish you well. But you know what I recommend!

That's it for this time. I will really enjoy and appreciate any feedback you may have.Stay well. Eat healthily. Get your exercise daily.


Remember, in all you do everyday, excellence is always an available choice. So, CHOOSE TO BE OUTSTANDING.

Jerry Jellison

Author's Bio: 

I am a Canadian Human Resources specialist with 40 years of experience as an active practitioner for a very large Canadian
Dept.Store corporation.My experience includes responsibility for all phases and aspects of human resources mqnagement, with special emphasis on employee relations (including much time spent on relationship counseling), labour relations (negotiating and living with collective bargaining agreements) and training & development for both management & non-management employees (customer service standards, leadership skills, human relations, human rights (discrimination and sexual harassment issues), self esteem & self confidence. I own/operate a writing and editing website business (www.jjwritesmith.com), have recently started a blog (wwwjerrysjournal.blogspot.com). I write a newsletter for an employee benefits company and also serve as a Human Resources Consultant /Advisor for that same company. I also act as the HR Consultant/Advisor for a custom tool manufacturing company.I have wrtten and published some poetry and have received awards for it. I write a lot of poetry for my own relationship and on request of my website customers,I write custom made poems for special coccasions (weddings, anniversaries, funeral eulogies,holidays, romances,etc) (See my expert page on the SelfGrowth.com website for more information).