In our society everybody is frustrated now and then. More than 50 %of all frustrations start on the work floor. But people also get frustrated in relationships and in educating children. Sometimes expressing your frustration is a good thing to do. Sometimes expressing your frustration gives a 100 % solution. In a frustrated relation at work or in a private relationship, expressing yourself is always the first step to take. You will find that there will be much more understanding for your problem than you expected. The frustrating situating will easily change into a peaceful situation

Sometimes your frustration is not solved by only expressing it. Sometimes expressing your feelings is not appropriate (for example when there are very small children or babies or old and sick people involved and you just know that it is your responsibility to stay in this frustrating situation. You should learn how to deal with your frustration itself when you cannot change the situation.

1. For dealing with frustration, you most put some energy into stopping your frustration. Every morning take some time and sit in a chair and breathe consciously for a few minutes. Visualise a day in your past when you were very happy, for example your wedding day, or a day when you passed your exams. Visualise the frustrating situation while you keep the happy feeling. This is a strong way to be much happier in the frustrating situation.

2. For dealing with frustration, you can use acupuncture points in your face. The points are located on the outside of your eyes by the bone. Tap on it with your index finger while saying loudly: I love and accept my self with my frustration. I accept this frustration, and I will leave it now and for ever. So it will be, so it will be so it will be . Take a deep breath in and out. Do this twice a day.

3. For dealing with frustration it is good to do a daily exercise to become more grounded. My favorite is to go for a walk outside and pretend to be a tree. Your feet are stuck in the ground and it is difficult to get them out of the earth and walk. I always become very happy when I do this exercise.

So I want you to take action now and do those exercises to deal with your frustration and become happy again.

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