Every mom sees their children as a blessing, but when it comes to managing the entire household, running errands, having a social life, and/or maintaining a thriving career any woman would get stressed out. Did you know excessive high levels of stress will eventually cause health issues?

And as a mom you can't get sick. You have to be there for you family, and be able to live you life to the fullest. Needless to say you have to find some way to deal with all this stress before it affects your ability as a mother.

A Mom's Guide to Stress Relief

One of the major causes of a mother's stress is the erratic schedule in the household, especially if there are two or more children in the house to take care of. The flurry of activity every morning as kids prepare for school is enough to raise a mother's stress to dangerously high levels, and the day has only just started.

Creating a schedule and teaching the kids to abide by it is one of the best ways to organize the activities around the house. Things will definitely get easier as the children get older, but while they are still young, you should keep your schedule as simple as possible for them to be able to keep up without much fuss.

There are times in a moms day when you get overly moody. This is brought on by stress. The stress of everyday life is affecting your mood, and in-turn affecting your parenting skills. When you feel like your losing your temper take a break and count backwards from 10 slowly.

During this time you should be taking deep breathes in through your mouth and out through your nose. After this you will feel much more calm and ready to focus on the situation.

Make sure that you eat a balanced diet. In their rush to finish all the chores and beat deadlines at work, many mothers neglect to eat proper meals with balanced nutrition. This is pretty ironic, because they always remind their kids to eat right and be healthy.

By not taking care of your body, you will not only be raising your stress level, but you will actually be setting a bad example to your children as well.

Keep in contact with other moms. Even though your spouse may be a good source to vent with, its always comforting to know other mothers go through and feel the way you do. Plus, venting is a great stress reliever.

One of the most important ways to avoid stress as a mother is to remember you're more than just a mother. You need to do things that are just you like doing your hair or your nails. Take time for you. If you lose your identity and do nothing but nurture your children you will get lost, confused, stressed, and eventually ill.

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