Okay, so most people say that it's never good to keep in your anger, and you should find ways to release it. But sometimes, your anger is harder to be released. For example, you can't exactly punch a pillow or scream in the middle of the night after your boyfriend broke up with you by text. And squeezing a stress ball might not be the best thing to do in front of that evil mother in law of yours... Read this guide to learn how to let that anger melt away.


Try to think more positively about the situation. So your boyfriend broke up with you and couldn't be bothered to do it face to face? Well, think of it this way-at least he didn't do it in front of his friends and humiliate you even more. Thinking like this should make you feel a little brighter, and hopefully let just a tiny bit of that anger dissolve.

Imagine what you want to happen to whoever's making you mad. Wish your mother in law would stop nagging at you? It can help to imagine saying how you feel to her, and letting some of your anger out in your mind. For example, imagine telling that person what you think of them. This can also make you feel brighter.
Do something that will relax you. Read a book about a situation which is similar to yours, or listen to a song that sings the way you feel about that bad text message break up. Once you feel a little bit understood, do something you enjoy, like watching your favourite movie or talking to your mates on msn. Try not to think about your anger. Eventually, it should completely disappear.


If it helps, talk to someone you can trust.

Practise this often. Soon you will be good at not only letting go of anger, but keeping a tight grip on your temper.


This may not always work. Sometimes it's better to let out anger.

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