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Arthritis treatment is often regarded as being more effective when medications are being utilized, however there are many natural remedies which you may already have in your kitchen cupboard right now. It is also widely assumed that arthritis only affects people once they reach middle age or older. It is true arthritis is more common in people aged over 40 or 50. As we reach such an age we tend to associate aches and pains of the body as a natural part of getting older- this is normally known as osteoarthritis. Arthritis does not only affect the middle aged or elderly, it can also affect children. There are unfortunately many forms of arthritis which are hard to diagnose until the specific symptom is felt. For this reason, a natural therapy via selecting specifically beneficial foods which aid arthritis treatment is crucial.

Arthritis has been around for centuries, and interestingly natural remedies for arthritis treatment have been tried and tested for almost as long. Natural remedies for arthritis treatment can be viewed as more favourable as they have fewer (if any) side effects, they cost less, and are easily accessible.

Some of these remedies for arthritis treatment can be found in your kitchen cupboard or pantry. Some are very basic; some are a little more complex.

Here is a brief listing of some of them:

Molasses: a thick strong honey like sweet syrup. It is specifically a beneficial appetizer taken every morning to help alleviate the joint pain.
Cherries: A delicious fruit which grows specifically well in the summer months- particularly in Australia. Cherries are a good source of magnesium and potassium, minerals that are also natural painkillers.
Ginger: often considered simply a spice for cooking, this herb has many hidden medicinal qualities- specifically as a natural arthritis treatment. Eating only a few slice of this can alleviate arthritis pain. However, its tangy taste is not so good to chew. It is better to include this in soups or juices or other foods to mask the taste somewhat but still have the desired affect on your arthritis pain.
Exercise: This could be considered the most common form of arthritis treatment, but is often the one which is least adhered to. The natural repetition of a basic exercise regime will ensure that your joints and muscles stay used and less likely to stiffen from the effects of arthritis. When we move the body, we normally use the joints. Gradual application of pressure in these parts can resist some of the arthritis pain and can even ease it or the better, eliminate it completely. It is always best to consult your doctor or physician before commencing an exercise regime.
Bee stings: This might shock some people, but bee stings have proven to be an effective form of arthritis treatment. Strange but true, this is what some German, Swiss and British doctors have found. The understanding is that the bee sting venom triggers the body’s immune system to counteract the effects of the arthritis.

One should test and experiment with natural therapies as an arthritis treatment, some may be more effective for one person, while not as effective for another. Natural therapies certainly provide a simple, easily managed arthritis treatment to compliment your recovery.

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