Everyone has bad habits and they want to get out of them. But, they may try to overcome a bad habit and lose out to the habit. This "How to" will let you know how to overcome bad habits.


1. Plan your day. Execute the plan accordingly.
2. Before going to bed, analyze how you have executed it. Give a score to it. If the score is below 80%, analyze why it is so.
3. If the reason is because of the bad habit, you will know the impact of the bad habit and this analysis will help you know better about the bad habit.
4. Learn new things and practice them. Learning Music, Yoga, Reading Books, supporting orphans in an Orphanage and playing games can help.
5. In order to overcome the bad habit you have to be strict and should not have practised the bad habit for 21 continuous days.
6. Find hobbies such as cooking, fishing or sports.
7. Don't turn back because the habit will multiply even when you think you're in control.


• Avoid friends who indulge in bad habits. If not keep the interaction as minimum as possible

• Do not go behind the thought of the bad habit.
• Dont say this is the last time i am going to attempt this bad habit and do this. This will become your habit.

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