If you are curious about Hypnosis, one of the best ways to discover how beneficial it can be is to listen to a high quality free hypnosis download. Now the important point to keep in mind is that some Hypnosis products are of poor quality and they employ ineffective hypnotic techniques.

Many hypnosis products use what is known as direct hypnosis. The Hypnotist makes direct statements such as, “You will be confident” and repeats these affirmations throughout the recording. This hypnotic process can get results, however the persons conscious mind tends to ‘battle’ against the direct suggestions with self-talk such as, “no I’m not confident.’

A much more elegant and effective approach is to use what is commonly known as Ericksonian Hypnosis, named after one of the most successful Hypnotherapists that’s ever lived: Milton H. Erickson. This hypnotic process makes use of the power of Metaphor and story telling and it therefore tends to bypass your conscious mind and works directly with the unconscious mind. Right where you want it! This style of Hypnosis is well suited to an audio recording because you simply relax and listen to the narrative and music in the background.

The highest quality free hypnosis downloads utilise the power of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming.) NLP is a field of Psychology that models human excellence. NLP models precisely what an exceptional person has done inside their mind to get a desired result or outcome. Eg) They increased their feeling of confidence in public speaking by a factor of three. So good quality hypnosis audio incorporates NLP language structures into the process to encourage you to experience unconscious change.

One of the other benefits of listening to a free hypnosis download is that it is very safe to do so. You know how long the session will last, say 15 to 20 minutes and if you feel the need, you can simply open your eyes and turn the download off. So you have complete control!

By listening to a Hypnosis session you could change your life, become inspired, open up to new possibilities/opportunities and start to fulfill your dreams. Or if nothing else you just get to relax and listen to an interesting story accompanied with soothing music. So really, what have you got to lose?

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