Understanding the EFT Training Levels

Emotional Freedom Techniques is for everybody. For therapists and trainers, for health workers and teachers, for mums and dads, and for each and every one of us as individuals. Since 2004 Gary Craig the originator of EFT has set guidelines for the content and delivery of three levels of EFT training workshops.

Gary also makes available at low cost EFT workshops on DVD. To supplement workshop participation these DVDs are excellent learning tools but should not be seen as a substitute for a live workshop with an experienced trainer.

EFT Level One Training Guidelines

Level One gets you started with the foundational priciples of EFT and all of us start here whether we are therapists or simply seeking to learn EFT to help ourselves and our friends and family. Level One can be taught in a minimum of one day or over two days to give a deeper exploration of the EFT concepts and more practical experience. EFT Level One covers:

- What is EFT and how has it come about
- How to use the tapping Basic Recipe and take shortcuts
- The phenomena of psychological reversal
- Aspects of our emotional problems and the importance of being specific
- How to handle emotional intensity
- The Movie Technique for clearing the emotion of difficult memories
- Using EFT to help with aches and pains
- Using EFT to get free of chocolate cravings
- What to do when it doesn't work

After a Level One training you will have learned how to use EFT for simple emotional problems, bad memories, phobias, aches and pains and chocolate or cigarette cravings.

EFT Level Two Training Guidelines

Gary Craig's guideline for Level Two is a further two days of training for those who want to use EFT in their therapy practice or to gain further skill in helping themselves and others. Attendance at a Level One workshop is a prerequisite for Level Two. EFT Level Two Includes:

- The Tearless Trauma technique and the Tell the Story technique
- The Gentle techniques of Chasing the Pain and Sneaking Up
- Techniques and approaches for Physical Issues
- Finding Core Issues
- Testing results
- The Palace of Possibilities and freedom from limiting beliefs
- Delivering EFT by Telephone
- EFT for groups and Borrowing Benefits

On completion of level two you will have learned how to work with others both individually, in groups and over the phone to apply EFT to more complex emotional and physical problems and to clear the emotion of the past experiences and limiting beliefs that keep problems in place.

EFT Level Three Training

Gary Craig's intention is that Level Three is the expert level for those who want to develop their skill and creativity to the highest level. This is delivered as a two day workshop followed by a programme of ongoing supervision and professional development study.

The AAMET Practitioner Certificate

The Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques (AAMET) was formed in the UK in 2000 to support and encourage the use of EFT and associated meridian energy techniques. The AAMET Practitioner Certificate for EFT is equivalent to Gary Craig's Level Two standard. Practitioner training must be for a minimum of three days and cover all the topics listed above.

Application and Practice

The training I offer is in the practical application of the tool of EFT. These are highly praised short focused trainings that enable you to integrate EFT into what you offer already. This means that if you are a psychologist you use EFT for the clients that a psychologist would treat and you integrate it with the methods and tools you already have in your psychologist's tool box. If you are a massage therapist similarly you use EFT with your existing client base. If you are not yet a qualified therapist then you can learn to use EFT with your friends and family and yourself.

A couple of weekends training does not make anyone a therapist and it is unrealistic to expect to offer a service to the public without further development. There are many training programmes on offer in counselling, coaching and holistic therapies and if you have no previous experience as a therapist I would be glad to advise you on how to research and access these and thereby to build a practice that includes EFT. EFT is a tool and a tool needs a toolbox.

Source: Gwyneth Moss

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This definition is part of a series that covers the topic of Emotional Freedom Techniques. The Official Guide to Emotional Freedom Techniques is Judith A. Wentzel. Judith is an authority on EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), effectively using it to help her clients be free of issues and emotions that inhibit them from achieving the higher quality of life and success they desire. Her passion is to liberate and empower clients by providing the necessary tools, along with the knowledge to use them, allowing them to achieve emotional freedom and greater success. Also a certified life coach and certified law of attraction practitioner, Judith loves helping others reach their full potential and has been assisting individuals and small business owners to skyrocket their life and business since 1997.

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