The Landmark Seminar Program

Come to grips with the issues that make you powerful in life.

Each seminar in Landmark’s Seminar Program addresses a specific topic that makes life powerful, such as: relationships, creativity, integrity, money, fitness, and what it takes to make a difference.

Designed to enable and empower you, the seminars allow you to deeply integrate the abstractions of The Landmark Forum into your life. They give you a place to work on what's up in front of you – personal projects and objectives as large as you wish – and find the means for making happen what once seemed impossible. Take as many seminars as you want – chances are, you'll find several that interest you.

Program Logistics
The Landmark Seminar Program is open to people who have completed The Landmark Forum. Seminars provide education and coaching – they are the backbone of our Graduate Curriculum.
Seminars take place in hundreds of metropolitan areas worldwide. Averaging 70,000 participants yearly, The Landmark Seminar Program is a key element in making Landmark Education one of the largest, most relevant, and most diverse "campuses" in the world.

A list of available seminar topics is available on this page. To find information on tuition, length of sessions, and schedules, click on the topic that interests you. Prerequisite: Completion of The Landmark Forum.

Seminar leaders are accomplished women and men who volunteer their time and talent out of their recognition of and commitment to the value that seminars provide. They are trained intensively for two years to be able to deliver the value of the seminars in people’s lives.

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Landmark Education, an international training and development company, offers a wide range of programs that are designed to address specific interests including producing breakthrough results and new levels of personal fulfillment in career, relationships, home, and community. The ideas, insights, and distinctions on which Landmark Education's programs are based make Landmark Education a leader and innovator in the field of training and development. Landmark Education is headquartered in San Francisco and offers programs in 125 cities around the world. More than 160,000 people per year participate in Landmark’s programs.

The Landmark Forum, Landmark’s flagship program, is the world’s most widely acclaimed personal development program. The Landmark Forum is a powerful, accelerated learning experience specifically designed to bring about positive and permanent shifts in the quality of your life — in just three days. These shifts make available a new and unique kind of freedom and power. More than a million people from six continents and all walks of life have participated in The Landmark Forum.

“One of life's most rewarding experiences.” That's how graduates describe the benefits of The Landmark Forum when surveyed. In fact, more than 90% of participants report that they received, “practical and enduring value.”

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