In alternative medicine, a Medical Intuitive is a person who allegedly uses their intuition to find the cause of a physical or emotional condition. Many medical intuitives also claim to heal illness using "intuitive energies", although healing is not necessarily within the scope of practice for all Medical Intuitives. Some Medical Intuitives claim that they can diagnose, and in come cases, treat illness over the telephone. Medical intuitives are not licensed medical professionals and their ability to accurately diagnose disease is not supported by scientific evidence.[

The practice of using intuition or clairvoyance for medical information dates back to Phineas Parkhurst Quimby (1802-1866) whose intuitive healing practice began in 1854. Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) was known as a Medical Clairvoyant and is probably to this day the most documented of all medical clairvoyants, although modern historical analysis has debunked the vast majority of his claims.[ Dr. Norm Shealy along with Caroline Myss first coined the term "Medical Intuitive" in 1987 as part of Shealy's research on intuition and medical application. Some Medical Intuitives report that they can 'see' inside objects as well as the body. Other Medical Intuitives assert that they can view energetic problems in a person's aura before any physical signs of illness can be detected. Some Medical Intuitives claim to 'see' areas of illness as dark, grainy, or sticky energy while others claim to 'see' the organ itself.

Faith healers often claim to have divinely appropriated medical intuitive abilities. William M. Branham, the father of the Pentecostal Latter Rain Movement was said by his followers to be able to discern the health condition of people that attended his services, and in many cases heal them of their affliction. Evidence for these healings is all anecdotal and testimonial and have not been medically verified. After his death, Branhams sons wrote a book cataloging many of his errors.

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