What are fears?

• Faceless horrors that lie waiting in the silent darkness of night.
• Unsound phobias that
• Exist in the furthest reaches of the mind
• Approaching shadows that threaten to blot out all light.
• All are contained in the worthless
• Scripts know as fears, a terrible script that must be re-written and let of for a rewarding satisfactory life to occur.

Fears are the:

• Irrational beliefs about how an object, event, happening, or feeling will result in negative, disastrous, life threatening, disturbing, or unsettling consequences for you.
• Result of giving power to your objects of irrational belief, letting them rule you rather than you ruling them.
• Underlying motive behind many of your actions and lack of action that block your thinking, problem solving and decision making abilities.
• Negative self-scripts you have either given yourself or that were given to you about how you will suffer dire consequences if you involve yourself in certain activities, behavior, or events.
• Disabling beliefs you carry in yourself that prevent you from living a productive, healthy, and growth-enhancing life.
• Underlying foundation of a weak self-image and self-concept; they keep you from fully asserting yourself, and that hinders your quest for self-actualization.
• Inhibitors, emotional blocks, unconscious messages, and uncovered elements of your psychological make up. They result in your being resistant, hesitant, or unwilling to participate in nurturing, healing activities such as counseling, support groups, or therapy.
• Beliefs about not only the known elements of life, but also of the nebulous, transient, and unknown elements of life that result in your inability to feel comfortable in ill-defined situations.
• "Comfortable'' ways of acting and responding. Because of their habitual and well established nature, fears can become second nature; therefore, being extremely resistant to change or alteration.
• Basis of your negative belief system. If you were no longer the recipient of the negative consequences that the fears predicted, you would have to take off your ``mask'' and become authentic.
• Excuses behind which people hide to avoid change or growth. To rid yourself of your fears is to rid yourself of the lifelong reasons for avoiding personal growth.

Source: Melissa M. Messina, Coping.org
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