It is a well-known fact that subliminal messages are real, infact, I use them to help individuals re-program their minds when they have been infected by what I call negative mental viruses and imprints. Imprints actually begin long before we become aware of them, and actually they begin when we are in our mother's womb.

We won't be speaking here about genetic imprinting, but rather about subliminal mind messaging. This happens at incredibly fast speeds as images and words are being flashed infront of your eyes at milisecond speeds undectable to the human eyes. Although the eyes cannot see the messages, or process them within the conscious mind, the subconscious mind picks them up and retains them.

So imagine you are sitting infront of the television set, or you walk into a store, get on an elevator, drive your car, go to a movie; you are being bombarded with subliminal messages over and over and over again. It could be thoughts that make you hungry, or angry, or give you a catalyst to "act" in some way contrary to your normal behavior pattern or demeanor. Or it can be inaudible whisper messages in audible programs. There are subliminal tape machines that professionals use to process self-improvement tapes, and these are also used in mass media productions. There are skeptics that will not believe this, but nonetheless it is true. Certainly there are laws in place that restrict the inappropriate use of such techniques, but who would know??? People do not have to believe in subliminal messages in order to be affected by them. It takes no effort. Subliminal messages are absorbed both through the eyes and the ears.

Although these invisible and inaudible messages can destroy our willpower to one degree or another, they can also be used to enhance our lives. Subliminal messages can be used to change your daily life in ways that are unimaginable to the average person. These messages can be used to imprint a new and positive behavior, or mental attitude. Professional sports players and executives and other prominent people around the globe use subliminal message sequences and hypno-therapy to help reduce addictive behaviors, perfect a skill, or be better at giving a speech, retaining information and many other enhancements to their personal lives. Simple ideas like repeating positive affirmations are lower levels of subliminal imprinting. If you see an encouraing statement every day, it will eventually affect you.

You can better appreciate how subliminal messages work when you understand that the mind is like an iceberg, with 10% being the Conscious Mind and 90% being the Subconscious Mind. Any message that is not filtered out by the critical Conscious Mind slips into the uncritical Subconscious Mind and has a massive effect on attitude and behavior.

This is actually a wonderful discovery and one that can greatly benefit the majority of people. How wonderful to be able to improve one's life without any effort. That's right - it takes no effort on the part of the receiver. You can even program yourself by placing positive messages on your computer screen, along with positive images too. That silly stuff you have heard about placing million dollar bills and checks written to yourself for thousands of dollars in conspicuous places really works! Leave a few of those "million dollar" bills in your purse/wallet and in the kitchen and bedrom. It will eventually program your mind to be able to accept that amount more easily.

You can program yourself by placing positive affirmations on the front screen of your phone and many places around your home. Imagine that everytime you opened your computer and it had a wonderful message flashing such as "I am successful" "I make wise decisions" "I feel wonderful" "I only eat when I am truly hungry"---you get the idea!

Since I have successfully used subliminal custom tapes in therapy sessions with clients over the last twenty-odd years, I know that they work. Now that I am seeing clients again, you can come in for a visit, experience a subliminal positive messaging session with Sound & Light technology combination to improve your life. I will also be selling the Professional Quality Subliminal Tapes for personal use once again. I use only the foremost authority in the country's tape/CD sets to help overcome specific life impasses.

It is worth the experience! Help yourself change your life today. You CAN overcome addictions, negative attitudes and habits that impact your life daily, absorb more when you read, have greater confidence, and achieve many of your life goals. Positive imprinting starts happening from the moment we are conceived and continues throughout our lives. TAKE CONTROL OF THE MOVIES IN YOUR MIND...make yourself THE STAR!!

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Wishing you every success physically, mentally and emotionally!
Janet Angel, PhD

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Janet Angel is a sought-after wellness expert with advanced degrees in nutritional biochemistry and psychology. She believes that everyone needs to educate themselves on the wellness opportunities available around the world. Dr. Angel has counseled many prominent citizens across the United States and has participated in several international research programs surrounding health. She has been a guest on many radio programs, is a public speaker, author and seminar leader. Dr. Angel believes that the body has the innate ability to heal itself in most circumstances, given the right environment, the right elements and the opportunity. For further information on her drive to help others reach their fullest potential, please go to For financial wellness ideas go to

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