Many professionals want to be able to help others in business to reach their full potential. Consultants and Coaches are two professions that are able to do this. The Consultant/ Coach use their expertise to help the business owner/ manager solve their problem.

What is the difference between a coach and a consultant? The coach looks at the big picture and often they deal with issues that are of a personal nature. Being involved in coaching will lead to getting their clients to be self-understanding and lead to productive thinking. The coach is looking to develop the potential of the person or the business.

Consultants will teach skills and specific plans of action to improve the business. The consultant will sometimes do the work for you. The goal of the consultant is to focus on the getting the project done.

There is also a hybrid mode of a coach / consultant. They take on the roles of the two professions. This may double their business opportunities, but will lessen the amount earned per client. Specialists make more in coaching or consulting than generalists.

Picking to become a coach or a consultant depends more on your qualities and how you want to help others. Getting clients and running your business is the same whether you are a coach or a consultant.

The key to becoming a successful coach or consultant is more about relationships than knowledge. The client wants your knowledge, but if they don't feel comfortable with you, they will not do business with you.

About 1/3 to 1/2 of the coach or consultant's time needs to be spent on marketing their business. Many coaches and consultants don't like this part. However, for the long-term survival of the business, it must be done regularly.

There are many ways for the consultant or coach to market and we will mention a few of the more effective ones. Cold Calling is the worst possible way and a waste of time. The best way is by getting referrals and or testimonials. If you are a beginner, you may have to do something free or get a testimonial for articles or books that you have written.

Networking can be good with the right people. It normally will take months to see results though. Writing a book will give the most credibility and with self-publishing someone can have a book done in 30 days or less. One good place to have your book published is LULU.

Writing articles will show your expertise. This is a great way to create a mailing list to keep in touch with. Most people don't buy the first time; they are exposed to a product or service.

Getting publicity through the press is one of the best ways. Generally, it is low cost or even free to send a press release. The key is to make it newsworthy and not an ad. If done correctly, you could get plenty of free publicity, but having the right hook to capture the press attention is the hard part.

Being a coach or consultant is a great way to earn a living. You can make great money while helping others. It is hard to get started, but if you can build a business, it will be worth all the effort.

Source: author Jerry Robertson

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