I’d like to let you in to a secret of my success – I use success quotes to help me when I need an idea, when I need inspiration to fire my vision and when I need motivation to get on with those things that need to be done.

Reading a good success quote and spending a few moments reflecting on the message it has for you can give you that extra little bit of insight that can turn a good day into a great day of high achievement.

What makes a great success quote?

In my opinion a great success quote is a wise saying that bears repetition. A great success quote also has to encapsulates a key to success – an important idea or an important principle.

A great success quote has to be packed with information to give you food for thought. A great success quote must be quick to read and understand – it has to use words sparingly and carefully, it should be succinct and to the point. It must highlight an important area of the subject of success.

A great success quote should also motivate and inspire. Sometimes the author can also be important. If the author of the success quote has led a motivational or inspirational life, and the quote rings true to that person’s example, it can serve to remind us of the example set by that outstanding person.

An example of a great success quote

“Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”
Thomas A. Edison (1847 - 1931)

This is a quote that keeps appearing in my life, sometimes in the original form by Thomas Edison, sometimes in one of the many forms that have been quoted by successful people and success experts ever since.

The quote is about motivation and persistence. There have been times when I worked like crazy on a project with the intention of achieving a result and, like so many things that project has an incubation period – a time when you pour in bucket loads of effort and no results appear.

After weeks or months of work it gets very tempting to give up – maybe you’ve been there. Just as things have got really desperate, just as I’ve received yet another “no”, I’ve found Edison’s quote and taken the time to think about it and how the great man himself kept trying and trying to make his light bulb work.

Well, as we all know his persistence paid off and thanks in part to his words and to thinking “well if Thomas Edison can do it, so can I”, I’ve had my share of success through going that last mile to make a breakthrough. If you apply this approach, success quotes can work for you too!

Finding success quotes is a key to success

To make a success quote work for you, you will need to allow it in to your life and give yourself a few moments to think about it and what it mean for your current circumstances and where you are headed.

You will also need a supply of success quotes, try here for more information on where to find success quotes.

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