Success Training Secrets- You Have ALREADY Experienced Success- Repeat IT!

You can't lead a Cavalry charge -- if you think you look funny on a horse...." John Peers

Self esteem. Many times wounded by invisible failure bullets.
Loaded words that like a well aimed bullet, hits the heart of most people and destroys most success potential they have.

Is your gun Loaded?
Do you have a "bullet proof" mind set on?

So many people out in the world think as far as Motivation and Success, they are only 2 things:
1) Not worthy 2) Not good enough

And they have the most incredible potential to do the extraordinary in Success, to lead a calvary charge to a HUGE Success victory, but the think they look funny on a horse of opportunity.

Do you think you look funny on the Horse of Success?
The Stallion of Victory?
The Mustang of Achievement?
Let's be honest.

Is your preference The Mule of Mediocrity?
I want you to do something:
Get a piece of paper.

And write down the top 5 Success achievements of last year. Doesn't matter how large or small, just when you succeeded at something.

Underneath the 5 Successes, write:
"I deserve Success again."

And make copies of it and read it and relive those successes daily by reading them and speaking them out.

To show you that you look GREAT and ride great on a Success Horse. And to program your mind with a positive picture, with you leading a charge straight to the Gates of Mediocrity and failure to destroy them in your life.

And your goal is burning down the walls of Self doubt and unworthiness with the Fire of Success burning in your eyes and heart lit by the Fire of Hope!.

Do you remember when you learned to drive a car?
Once you did it, you knew you could do it again.
Once you learned to ride a bike, you knew you could do it again.

How did that happen?
You repeated what you did before, first in your mind, then in reality.

You already have mounted up and ridden the Success Horse with your past Successes. You listed them, and you know you can do it again.

Repeat what you did before concerning:
1) Belief. 2) Focus. 3) Determination. 4) Mental Saddle riding skills.

And don't worry about whether you are worthy enough, or good
enough, or smart enough.

You deserve the best Life has to offer regarding Success in life.

The main reason you think you look funny on a Success horse is someone else, at sometime in your life, thought they looked funny as well. So they told you that you did too, so you wouldn't ride off to Massive Success and leave them behind in the Desert of mediocrity.

Saddle Up! You look GREAT on a the Stallion of Success!
It's Time to Ride and STORM THE GATES of Failure!

Hi Yo Siliver- and Away! To Massive, Marvelous, Moving, and Monumental Success!

blessings.... doug firebaugh (c) 2006/ Wealth Transformation Systems


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Doug Firebaugh, Wealth Transformation Systems,,


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