There is quite a bit of misinformation floating around the internet when it comes to depersonalization and unfortunately most of it actually serves to prolong the sensation of depersonalization/derealization for the majority who fall prey to it.

Depersonalization is the feeling of unreality due to prolonged anxiety, stress and fear.
Derealization is the strange or unfamiliar sensation experienced when looking at familiar surroundings.

Both are products of a tired mind, and not considered an illness. There are specific approaches which serve to fully eliminate these anxiety related experiences. Through a natural approach one is able to fully obliterate these intrusions and move forward with their life.

Here are the facts about depersonalization.

- Depersonalization is not a mental illness and therefore does NOT have to be treated as one.
- Depersonalization is created out of extreme levels of anxiety.
- Sleep deprivation, marijuana and other recreational drug use, alcohol, caffeine and minocycline may
create symptoms of depersonalization.
- Depression, Anxiety and Stress may create symptoms of depersonalization due to increasing cortisol
levels and decreasing serotonin levels.

Specific Treatment:

The individual's requirement is a general willingness and suspension of preconceived beliefs concerning depersonalization.

- Complete understanding of this disorder/sensation through proper explanation, hard facts not fiction.
- Natural Methods do work and will eliminate depersonalization when properly followed.
- Stress Relief through specific Behavioral Modification and correct use of Neutralizing Diet using whole foods (already in one's kitchen) lowers cortisol levels and boosts serotonin levels.
- Specific Exercises boost serotonin, lower cortisol levels.
- Attitude adjustment- Mindset adaptation. Retraining mind/body.
- Alleviation of anxiety and depression (essential factor)- through behavioral modification, serotonin boosting diet and attitude adjustment.
- Short term counseling sessions to jumpstart progress.
- Restrictions of alcohol, caffeine, sugar excess and recreational drugs.
- Discontinuation of unconscious self-sabotage habit through:
- Thought changing behavioral techniques
- Suspension of habitual internet surfing. Misinformation through Unsourced information.
- Suspension of doctor shopping leading to confusion and exhaustion.

In closing, it is essential to treat Depersonalization for what it is, rather than an illness. Incorrect approach and treatment is where the individual virtually falls into the spiral of confusion. Depersonalization is prolonged and frustration supercedes any form of permanent recovery.

The goal is to treat the source of the problem, which is anxiety and depression. There are specific methods and a definite approach to be strictly followed. When followed, the result is the elimination of depersonalization and a return to normalcy as one experienced before the interruption.

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