In life, all the rewards go to those who actually get things done. They go to those who have the discipline to do what they have set out to do. The rewards go to you.

Decide right now, what it is that you want, and what behaviors will give it to you.

Once you have decided what needs to be done, there are five steps to developing the discipline needed to do it. We’ve looked at when and how to get discipline. We’ve looked at reinforcing good behavior and how practice makes perfect, even with discipline. Now, we’ll discuss the last step – internal conditioning.

Step 5: External Management – Internal Conditioning
The goal of discipline is ultimately to condition behaviors, reports, and meetings so they occur automatically without external supervision.

However, most people will need external management to assist them with this internal conditioning, just as athletes require coaches to assist them in their training.

Most people need external management until they are able to develop internal discipline! It starts external and remains external until it is internalized and owned by everyone who must perform.

Discipline is an outside-in approach, until it goes on autopilot and becomes an inside-out achievement. Do the people in your organization have the external supervision they require for their current level of discipline?

Do you have the external coaching, prodding, pulling, and poking that you need to stick to your goals and your decisions? Everyone needs a personal coach and mentor. If you do not have one, get one.

Everyone needs a peer group that will hold them to a standard of excellence. If you don’t have one, create one!

Discipline is the hallmark of greatness. It is the road to success.

In its fullest sense, Discipline is the completion of predetermined behaviors, reports, or meetings; triggered by orders, events, or schedules; that are carried out based on established principles or predetermined procedures; and reinforced through a sense of self-worth, measurement, rewards, and penalties.

It is developed through clarity, simplicity, consistency, incrementality, and relevance, and is achieved through external management leading to internal conditioning.

Commit to the practice of discipline right now. Let yourself take small steps. Develop the fortitude to do anything that you have made up your mind to do.

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