Would you rather be miserable or happy? Do you want your life to be filled with trouble or peace? Do you prefer to live in a divided home or happy home? You can become happier, build peace with others and make your home sweet by using many smart methods.

We will first discuss how you can be happy and create more peace for yourself. You must make the choice to be happy at least most of the time. Ignore petty stuff. Always work toward being slow to get angry. Tell jokes, laugh and share a laugh several times a day. Move on when you fail a task or lose someone.

Never say, “She made me mad.” Nobody can make you mad or sad. You can only be unhappy if you choose to be.

Personal peace is another thing you have control over. Spend a lot of time being grateful for the good things you have. Try to put the events in your life into a good perspective. Prevent having a guilty conscience by always treating others with respect. Do not hate anyone. Keep in mind the phrase that says, “Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.”

Do what it takes to live a life that is not filled with many regrets. Try to undo the mistakes and sins you have committed. Apologize when you hurt others. Never be too proud to admit making a mistake. Never repeat a mistake. Never give up pursuing a positive goal.

We will now discuss what you can do to build peace with others. Be friendly and honest. Mind your own business. Never accept or encourage a fight. Only engage in mild arguments. Do not let an argument escalate or become heated. End an argument once you know you will not convince the other person to change his or her mind. Always try to negotiate a win-win deal.

We will finish by discussing how you can help make your home a happier place. One thing you can do is earn your family’s trust. Never invade a family member’s private space. Never give in to the urge to steal a family member’s things – if you do this, you will lose trust and build a bad habit of stealing which could lead to imprisonment or retaliation. Carry out all your promises and obligations.

Do what it takes to create harmony. Respect your family members’ wishes. Leave a family member alone when he or she requests it. Unless it is truly warranted, do not yell at a family member, even if you are the mother or father and the other person is your kid.

Master the art of sharing. Share some things with your family. Try to divide all the chores equally. Occasionally help other family members with their work, especially when they are sick or busy with other things.

Clean your room. It is important to do this so your family will not be annoyed by the look of a messy room or the stink of a dusty room.

Follow these steps to have joy, peace and a happy home!

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