Due to the constriction of her umbilical cord, bright 3-year old Molly cannot even lift her head, and breathing is difficult for her. This is second in a series of questions Diane, Molly's mother, asks God.

Letting Go

Diane to God:
Dear God, the letting go of responsibility for Molly and giving it to You is a miracle!
I am more at peace with her than I have ever been, and she is blossoming. She has been very healthy after a short week of bronchitis. Her surgery went very well. She seems more independent.
It seems that, when I gave up trying so hard to make everything okay for Molly, when I trusted that we were both in good hands, then everything became okay (even when it did not meet my expectations).
It is the surrender, the letting go that is the key?

Dear Beloved Diane, when you release control, nature can do its thing. Releasing is non-interference. With the release of control, more positivity and less fear emanate from you, and little Molly radiates your positivity. She feels you have more confidence in her.
You have more confidence in Me, and, therefore, the mechanics of life fall more into place.
I am proud of you, Diane. Proud isn’t exactly the word, but it comes close. I am happy and uplifted. I am well-pleased.
You and Molly are great workers for Heaven.
My love surrounds you.

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#3 in this series coming up soon.

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