Earth Is Temporary Home Diane and Molly #5

Diane to God:

Dear God, I am in the process of giving away Molly’s toys, equipment and clothes. I guess I am doing my part in creating Heaven on earth with all the tears I am shedding. I know Heaven comes with the laughter, too, and I do much of that as well. This leads to my question.

Dear Loving Father, how can I know all is well every single minute?

I know when I feel grateful, all is well. I know when I watch the sunset and sunrise, all is well. I know when I listen to music all is well. I know when I read Heavenletters all is well. I know when I look at Christmas lights, all is well. But these feel like a small part of my day.

I am looking for the ongoing letting go, where I feel I can relax because a Loving Being is now in charge.

I want to know You are the Ultimate Loving Presence, and the Earth is my home.

God to Diane:

The earth is your temporary home. Your true Home is in Heaven. You are Homesick.

Right now you do not feel lucky to have this earth experience. You know you are supposed to be happy on earth, but you are not. Earth life does not compare, in human eyes, to Heaven life for only one reason: so much of your spirit life is obscured to you. And, so, you have to take it on faith.

Your questions here alone have brought healing to many hearts. Your questions alone brings many closer to Me, and therefore to their truth. Your question alone transforms life on earth. Life in Heaven needs no transformation.

Life on earth needs awareness. You bring awareness to souls hungering for it.

Do not ask of yourself that you have total awareness of My love every minute. Let it come. Otherwise, you are orchestrating it. Don’t ask too much of yourself. Have the intent to be in accord with My Will, and you will have more peace.

Watch sunrise and sunset, and remember them during your day, for all of nature reminds you of Heaven. Music echoes the sweetness We share. Heavenletters jiggle your memory, stir the truth in your heart, and open your energy to Mine

Jesus too had his questions, and he asked them.

Relative life is not all smooth-sailing, for it is on earth. Earth life has bumps. That is precisely because it is physical. But the truth-that-is-you rides in Heaven. And the less perceptible truth of earth is Heaven. Keep watching for Me, dear Diane. Look for Me. Await Me. Be patient with Me. I hear your tears, and I hear your laughter, and all is well.

Your loving Father, God

Author's Bio: 

Gloria Wendroff grew up without religion or thoughts about God. No one, least of all Gloria, would have guessed that one day she would become a Godwriter™ and, through God’s words, bring thousands of people closer to God and their own hearts.

Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One, with a foreword by Bernie Siegel, M.D., is presently published in English, Greek, German, and Romanian.

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