Like many others, Linda, a pet owner from New Jersey, thought the chemical flea and tick control product she applied to her beloved pet was safe, but she quickly learned just how harmful chemical flea and tick control products really could be.

Soon after placing K9 Advantix on Bandit, Linda took Bandit with her to a friend's house. Approximately two hours after using the product on Bandit, Linda noticed her 3-year-old Papillon seemed subdued. At first she thought he might be tired from the summer heat, but when she went to fetch Bandit for his bathroom break a few hours later, he wouldn't budge, which she knew was unusual.

When Bandit finally struggled to his feet, his back legs wouldn't work. Linda knew then that he was paralyzed.

"I was horrified! This was a normal, very healthy dog that never had a mobility issue. He was perfectly fine in the morning. The only difference that day was the application of Advantix," Linda said, remembering the day very clearly.

This is just one of the many stories from pet owners who have used chemical flea and tick control products on their pets. Unfortunately, some pet owners weren't as lucky as Linda was. Linda's dog suffered an illness that, thankfully, he recovered from after she gave him a bath to wash away the Advantix. However, other pet owners lost their beloved pets after applying a chemical flea or tick control product. It's heartbreaking that they had to lose a pet before learning the devastating effects of such a product.

Chemical flea and tick control products have many disadvantages, and some of the side effects reported by pet owners and veterinarians include:

- Eye and/or skin irritation
- Leaves fur oily
- Poisoning, which can cause death in some animals
- Chemical burns
- Seizures
- Respiratory problems
- Diarrhea and vomiting
- Loss of appetite

Not only are chemical flea and tick control products harmful to your pets, but they can also be harmful to you and your family. For example, if you apply the product to your pet and your child immediately begins playing with the animal afterwards, the product could get on your child and irritate his/her skin.

The best way to protect your pet and your loved ones is to invest in a chemical-free flea and tick control product that will help your pet with his/her flea and/or tick problem.

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Misti Sandefur is a full-time freelance writer with more than 10 years writing and research experience. Her articles have appeared in several regional and national publications. In addition to writing, Misti enjoys spending time with her family, three dogs and ferret. She's also a big fan of chemical-free tick and flea control products, as well as other organic pet products.

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