Deep down inside all of us there is a voice that speaks to our souls. This voice tells us the truth and reminds us of our reality. This voice reminds us where we have come from and where we want to go. This voice embodies and articulates the potential we each have. We need to listen to it more often.

It is sometimes difficult to separate what we think we should do to what motivates us and gives us the most energy. In our most introspective and vulnerable moments when we allow our heart and soul to counsel and nurture us, we get a great look and begin to discover our full potential.

If you are still searching to discover your true potential and life’s purpose, it’s really pretty easy to find. Take a sheet of paper and begin to write down all of the things you are passionate about. This is your list, so don’t cheat yourself. Be real and be honest with yourself, and just let it go. Write down any dreams you have had in the past or any of your current dreams. The one that jumps off the page and smacks you right between the eyes and makes you begin to cry is your calling and true potential. Honor this one and respect it. And if you give it permission, it will change your life.

The next step is to begin living this potential and to start the process of becoming the person you want to become. Begin by realizing this will be a process – a marathon instead of a sprint. Look to accomplish a few quick wins each day. A quick win is something that will not require a lot of resources or disruption, but will give you a sense of momentum and confidence.

For example, let’s say you realize your full potential is to follow your love for art and begin that painting you have always put off doing. Some early quick wins might look like buying a sketch book and begin drawing what you have always envisioned in your mind. Do this each day. Soon enough you be ready to pick up the brush and apply it to a fresh canvas.

Your life is indeed a clean, blank canvas right now, too. Listen to your voice, your soul, and allow yourself to speak and live your full potential and begin to become the person you have always wanted to be. All it takes is to pick-up the brush and begin to paint your picture – one stoke at a time.

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