Many people decide they want to accomplish a particular goal or achievement but for one reason or another nothing ever materialises out of this desire. This can be due to many factors such as lack of motivation, direction, lack of guidance and so on.

One way to deal with this problem is to devise a written time related plan to achieve your main aim. This can have a dramatic effect because a written plan is what brings ideas from the mind into reality. The actual process of figuring out exactly how you can realistically achieve your goals is in itself a big confidence booster.

Once you can see 'down on paper' that your goal is actually achievable you can then begin to start to work towards it with a lot more purpose than if you were uncertain of what to do or how
to go about achieving it. The following comment sums it up perfectly:

'The difference between a goal and a dream is the
written word' - Gene Donohue

The downside with plans is that sometimes they can make the final goal seem a long way off; this can sometimes be disheartening so it pays to select realistic short-term and long term goals.

I prefer to use a series of goals. For example if your two year long term goal is to become the head sales representative for your company and you know in order to do this you have to first
prove yourself as one of the top sales reps locally, you can easily work out a plan and a time frame for achieving this goal.

Here's an example of how this Positive Thinking technique could be implemented:

Firstly you realise you need to improve you sales skills, so you enrol on the next available month long sales course (after hours if necessary), secondly you decide that you will do your own personal research into top sales techniques by reading up on these and you also decide to arrange informal meetings with previous successful sales reps to discover how they achieved successful sales(encouraging them with a few free drinks if necessary).

Now you immediately have realistic written targets that will help you work towards your over all goal. When you have completed these targets you might then decide upon your next set of 'intermediate' goals. This could be to be in the top two sales representatives in your team or whatever else would be the next challenging step up for you.

So we can see that by constantly setting yourself achievable short term goals you will consistently be working towards your two year goal. This is what provides you with constant motivation and keeps you going.

Most importantly however by knowing that you are working to a plan and being able to actually monitor your progress clearly towards the achievement of your goals you will gain in confidence and motivation on seeing yourself progress.

Through developing belief that you will achieve your goals you become expectant regarding your imminent achievement. You now realise that your final goal is within your grasp and there is no way that you will let it go now!

Whatever problems you encounter you now 'know' that you have come this far and believe nothing can stop you, so you simply persist safe in the knowledge that victory will be yours. This is the positive attitude that winners have.

Your own positive thoughts will have allowed you to deliberately create your own reality. This means for you it really is true that:

'What the mind truly believes the body inevitably delivers'

Once you have created your own reality through this type of process once you will realise that anything you can fix in your mind, you really can achieve through a similar approach.

This is why people who are successful in one area of their life, business etcetera.... can then seemingly transfer this success into whichever area of their life they desire. They know that by following this procedure their success is inevitable.

A good example of this is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has used this approach to first dominate bodybuilding in an amazing fashion before switching his focus to movies and now politics claiming an extremely powerful status in all three of these fields.

When you first start out in the early stages you must simply be persistent. If you struggle with this then consider the following:

'Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.'

I urge you to re-read this article and consider exactly how you can use these extremely effective strategies in your life. And remember whatever you are afraid to do, do it and you will be startled that you are no longer afraid!

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