Have you been carrying an extra 20, 30, 40 or more pounds around with you for what seems like forever?
Have you tried every new diet and every new fitness routine in vain?
Have you lost weight and then added even more?
Each year do inches multiply around your waist?
Have you been praying for a miracle?

I am here to tell you that your prayers have been answered with a new breakthrough secret.

Answer to Your Prayers

A lady doctor from Arizona has blown the lid off the best-kept secret in weight loss ever discovered and this has the whole diet food and drug industry turned upside down.

Her name is Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst and she's marching to the beat of a different drummer. And, nothing about her "secret" is difficult, nor does it require that you do anything out of the ordinary or unnatural.

Instead, the Arizonian boasts proudly "...this is something that I caught onto just before 2002 when there was so much research and exploration going around concerning the human colon and digestive system working in harmony with nutritional absorption, and I started doing independent studies just to test things at first ... but which I later expanded on after seeing some fantastic results."

The Cause of Chronic Obesity

Dr. Suzanne accurately determined a definitive correlation between harmful plaque and parasitic infestations of the human bowel tract and people suffering from chronic obesity. The chronically obese tested, despite intense diet and exercise, appeared to be unable to lose any weight whatsoever.

Natural Treatments

Over the course of six years the Arizona doctor developed a number of natural treatments for the removal of these same harmful, even life-threatening plaques and rapidly reproducing digestive parasites. When applied to even worse case patients suffering from extreme obesity (98% of whom were in immediate danger of dying), she saw a 100% effectiveness and success rate.

She then applied the same strategies to milder cases of overweight persons. She found the same effectiveness (although the individual weight loss per subject wasn't nearly as dramatic as it was for those obese patients who were 100 to 200 lbs or more overweight).

Reversing Diabetes and Cancer

So powerful is her secret that she's able to reverse diabetes, liver disease, cancer and 98% of all other diseases.

Nearly 100% of all her case subjects were told by "conventional doctors" that they either had just months or years to live or they would never enjoy a normal life. Yet, after applying Dr. Suzanne's treatments, patients experienced complete reversals of their conditions.

Her entire treatment is based completely on natural 'protective agents' scattered throughout the world in the form of select herbs, extracts and organic constituents, which can be found in a variety of plants. When blended in specific combinations and carefully chosen amounts, they provide a solution to what is perhaps the world's worst ever plague: OBESITY!

Now to everyone else's great gain (or better, loss), this brave, bold lady doctor is releasing her secret to the general public. Some experts and sociologists suggest that in the bigger scheme of things, the world will never tolerate a discovery of such magnitude, any more than it would be realistic to expect a car that runs on water (even if real) to ever become commercially available to the general public.

One well-respected and famous diet & wellness author wrote years ago that if anyone ever "truly unlocked the keys to permanent fat loss, they may actually suffer the same fate as JFK."

The Key is Here

For more of this incredible story, go to myhealthsage.com. You may want to head on over there now…while it IS available. It's in a very easily readable format and can be used and mastered by anyone.

While you're there, why not scroll down and see for yourself the huge successes others are now having with this incredible breakthrough in rapid, massive weight loss and extremely improved and enhanced health, now made freely available to the rest of us.

Rid yourself of ugly fat, unhealthy plaque that is making you sick and, most of all, the frustration of dieting your life away. You have more important things to do with your life. Do this for you. Now.

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