Most job seekers will become disenchanted, discouraged and depressed after a few rejections when looking for work. Everyone is involved in these mood swings; some job seekers are more affected than others. What to do about these emotions?

I think, as a career coach, that it is smart not to dismiss them nor to prolong them. What will help?

It is as simple as this: ACTION. What kind of action? ANY ACTION WILL WORK! Physical action works well in diminishing the effects of too much concentration on the self. Being physical means to me, to: Take a walk, clean out the garage, play with your dog, engage in a physical workout, etc.

Besides, physical action helps chase the job search blues away, FUN puts the job search into a framework that puts the job search in perspective.

Finally, re-working job goals and job search plans and finding a community of peers will put the whole process in a new light. Joining a job club would help or even starting one would be better! What I’m saying is really: “DO SOMETHING”.

Author's Bio: 

Certified Career & Job Transition Coach
M.A. Human development and administration