We Do It Big with Stability Balls - that is! Stability balls challenge and therefore, help to develop core strength, balance and control. I like to use them for all my workout routines but find particular good use for the tool when doing lunges, hamstring curls, pushups, planks and abdominal pikes.

Backward and Forward Lunges are probably the easiest exercise to perform with the large stability ball. The challenge to the abdominal core to stabilize the movement of the ball - thru a shoulder press while performing a backward or forward lunge - is the beauty of the integrative, functional exercise.

Stability Ball Hamstring Curls are another sweet but simple efficient exercise for the legs while using the abdominal core to stabilize and hold a shoulder bridge to work the legs with the stability ball.

Increased intensity can be achieved with a one-leg stability ball
hamstring curl.

Lastly, abdominal strength is required and developed with Stability Ball Planks, Push Ups and of course, the Abdominal Pike which utilizes the deep core stabilizers of the transverse abdominis and spinal erectors to achieve the "pike" of the
body into the air.

This latter exercise is not a simple one to perform. It is also not a beginner exercise but it can be very fun and challenging for an intermediate level program.

Watch the video at http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6288878554413367227 to see all these exercises used in a 90-minute workout.

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Gina Jackson, MBA, CPT, holds Advanced PFT recognition as a member of the International Association of Fitness Professionals (IDEA); maintains affiliate membership in the National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT) and is certified as a Power Pilates Teacher and a proud Business Member of the Pilates Method Alliance.

Gina made a conscious career and lifestyle change to fitness in 2000 and assists clients in lifestyle fitness training programs; she is the Fitness Consultant, creator and energy behind http://www.Prescription4Fitness.com which provides fitness resources, tips, articles and MP3 downloads to assist your fitness goals in becoming a reality.