Have you ever begun to drop off into sleep to realize that you couldn’t move, speak or cry out? Sleep Paralysis is a waking nightmare brought about because of a sleep disorder which may occur sometime during your teens but does not normally occur past the age of 30. The paralysis may last only a few seconds or minutes and it is brought about because you are sleeping on your back. At least this is what the scientists say.

The experience may involve visual, auditory, or tactile hallucinations. Scientists say that sleep paralysis is nothing more than a Hallucination with very disturbing features. Those who have these waking nightmares report that they feel a "presence" that is often described as malevolent, threatening, or evil. An intense sense of dread and terror is very common. Many times when you do finally become released from this waking nightmare your arms and legs don’t want to work right and you will feel pain in those parts of your body when you try to move them. After seconds or minutes you will feel suddenly released from the paralysis, but may be left with a lingering anxiety. The phenomenon is quite benign scientists say.

My experiences as a medium, tell me that there is another alternative reason this happens. It could be that this is the body’s way of protecting you during moments when you are your most vulnerable to otherworldly experiences so that you don’t get up and injure yourself because you desire to run away during your waking nightmare.

Remember Sleep paralysis only occurs either just before dropping off to sleep or upon waking. The nightmares are surreal as you may hear loud noises, popping sounds and see strange things. Many alien abductees say this happens to them when they recount their abduction experiences. Some people will get this waking nightmare when they are growing into their Mediumship abilities and others will have supernatural or paranormal experiences such as astral travel or out of body experiences.

It is important to mention that not all spirits are love and not all want to help you. Some are just plain nasty and are lower level beings or entities that do not care if they hurt you. When you are open intuitively it is imperative that you know how to protect yourself so that these lower level spirits are not allowed into your energy space or field. When you are open at an intuitive level many spirits are drawn to you.

I don’t mean to scare you but surrounding yourself in white light isn’t going to work because the other low level spirits are also aware that they are a part of that white light. Prayer here isn’t as effective either because that is asking for help. This is where invoking comes in. God BE With Me is an invocation which is also known as “Calling down the God/ Goddess” which is the act of bringing their spirit into you for protection. Invoking is nothing more than a statement of your truth your belief, it is making a statement to God/Goddess, your guardian angels, that you need the action of protection NOW. It is immediate.

Spirits are pure energy and relates to the element of air which is a higher more powerful energy than humans, whose energy is related to earth and water. When a spirit of either high or low level energy wants to physically hold you down on the bed, they do it with the energy of air because they do not need to use much energy to get the results they want. It is the strength of their energy that brings about the length of the sleep paralysis.

When you feel a shaking or a vibration of your body; you can be reassured because this is one of your ancestors or loved ones coming to your rescue. These are your higher level ancestors and guides and teachers who have come to help you during this transition. The energy of this is very different because there is no terror associated with it. The only scary part is that you can not move, talk, or cry out. My sister and daughter have both had this experience many times over the years as they were growing into their Mediumship abilities.

Alien abductees talk and share some of these same experiences but the fear is more intense but the terror is less than when a non loving spirit is trying to take over the body. This is when you will hear the grunting and animal noises and also feel like someone is sitting on your chest or has tied you up. Again, if you get that vibrating feeling you can feel safe that your loved ones are coming to rescue you from these lower level entities.

The best thing to do when this happens to you is to not panic. Go into your prayer state and invoke the power of the God/Goddess of your belief system. My daughter invokes the protection of God saying over and over “God help me now!” This increases her spiritual strength and harnesses this divine energy until she is released from this waking nightmare.

Because this topic is bound to alarm some of you, I am going to give to you the Invocation of Archangel Michael. Notice it is not a prayer but a powerful statement of your heart and mind to set YOUR intention for protection. Visualize the being-ness of Archangel Michael, Feel the Powerful Protection of Archangel Michael, Know that this powerful energy will come in to assist you whenever you need to call upon Archangel Michael for help.

Calling Down the Power of Archangel Michael
I invoke Archangel Michael and I ask for your protection. I ask that you surround me, my family, my home, my property, my car, my children, my pets in the bubbles of your Divine Blue Ray of Protection, letting nothing enter these bubbles that is not of the purest unconditional love and NOT WITHOUT my conscious consent. I am protected. And so it is! (amen, ah ho, blessed be etc).

Use this often to keep your energy space clear and clean. Use this before you go into meditation or when you open your psychic energies for any reason. Then you can say your prayer and surround yourself in the white light.

I would suggest that you create a mantra. I am Divinely Protected from harm in every way! MY Mother Father God protects me in ALL ways. My ancestors and Loved ones in Spirit Protect ME Always. I BELIEVE I am protected so I AM! When I am afraid I AM protected. See how powerful these statements are?

When you repeat something that is Powerful for YOU you are creating that reality. The Belief. So, say this mantra through out your day. Say it when you are driving, say it when anyone upsets you. Set that energy of protection upon you like a cape wear it and be comfortable in it.

When YOU Believe that you are Protected you will be.

So, every night before bed you will Call Down the energy of those who YOU choose to Protect YOU. When you have done that and Believe that they can and will keep you from harm. Nothing will happen to harm you. YOU are not being harmed during these waking nightmares, your loved ones are there to help you. Call them in .

While you may not be able to change these waking nightmares you can change your Beliefs about them for your own well being. Set your POWERFUL PERSONAL PROTECTION in place!

Believe in a more Powerful YOU!

Author's Bio: 

Susan Norgren has been a professional psychic and medium for over 30 years susanpsychicmedium.com . Her book LOST PALLIES (available on Amazon), is filled with true experiences of Spirit Contact and Spirit Messages. Currently Susan hosts her internet radio show the PSYCHIC BUZZ on Thursday's at 10 pm EST sedonalights.com