No matter how talented you are or how great you present yourself in person, if you’re in the market to attract new clientele and want to dazzle a potential customer with your qualifications, the one sure way to draw people in is by looking good on paper. To attract positive attention, your written material must be both impeccable and impressive. In other words, to stand out from the crowd, you have to create documentation that gets noticed.

The Key that Opens the Door!

In truth, every piece of written material that you submit is key to opening the door to success. Yet oddly enough, many people pay little attention to the creation of their written documents. Some rarely consider the importance of portraying themselves dynamically on paper and some simply ignore the fact that a well-written presentation can mean the difference between being invited to bid on a project or being overlooked entirely. By way of example, suppose you wanted to gain the support of a financier for your project, and you’re putting together a business plan. Do you think someone would be willing to lend you money for an important project if your business plan were poorly written? Of course not! Consequently, before submitting any type of document, whether it is web site content, an article, a press release, marketing strategy, proposal, or business plan, make sure you go over it repeatedly to be sure it’s perfect. Even if you are only sending an email to introduce yourself, pay attention to typographical or spelling errors and give thought to the fact that every time you write something, you are representing yourself and your business.

Everything is a Form of Advertisement!

Whatever it is that you are writing, regardless of the type of communication, you are always advertising your company and yourself. In fact, your documents are in essence your very own personal commercial, which means you are always selling yourself. And in today’s market, your communication speaks volumes, especially when so much business is conducted via the Internet. Ask yourself if you would want to buy what you’re selling? Take for example a web site. When you create a web site, you must convey your products, services and abilities boldly. Never be afraid to boast a little because if you’re really good at something you need to convince the reader that you have what they want. Ask yourself as you review your material whether it is scattered or focused? Does your document paint a clear picture of your objectives? Are you using words that are easily understood? A good rule of thumb is to keep it simple and never leave the person reading it feeling confused. Read your material out loud and to yourself. Consider reading it to another person so that you can hear how it sounds to someone else. Hearing it in different ways gives you a better perspective. If you’re not a strong writer, and want very much to impress someone with your expertise, don’t hesitate to find a writer to help you because well written material can and will lead to success.

Your Opportunity to Shine!

When it comes to your written material, it makes no difference if you are a construction worker, a businessperson or an artist; you’re going to be judged by how you communicate. As is the case for most written communication, the first few seconds of reviewing a document are the most critical because the person reading your material has to find something of interest right off the bat. Spend time thinking about your topic, and as a thought occurs to you keep notes so that when you’re ready to write, everything is at your fingertips. Make sure your opening statement is eye-catching and interesting. Remember, your written material is your opportunity to shine. Most important, review the document carefully and watch that your words are convincing. Above all, do your best to create well thought out documents that demonstrate to the reader that you have what it takes to handle a project professionally.

So, before clicking the send button on any of your communication or prior to submitting that sales letter, proposal, business plan or press release, think about whether you are proud of the way your words represent you. Opportunities abound and because you never know when an opportunity will present itself, make sure you always look good on paper.

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