Finally you have decided to get married. Now you will start planning for your big day. But what are you planning now? Are you planning to use the same kind of formal invitation, formal theme and formal cuisine as hundreds of couples did in the past? Of course you can choose to follow the traditions and plan for a classic wedding. But why not go for some more interesting concepts for your wedding? At the end of the day you will only have your wedding once in your life. You will probably want to make your wedding more special so that your big day will be more memorable. It will also make your guest remember your big day for years. You do not need to spend a lot of money in order to go for these interesting ideas. All you need is some creativity. You can sit down with your friends and relatives to have some brainstorming. You can certainly come up with some interesting and workable ideas.

If you are the groom, you can think of taking your vow musically. People may think that you are crazy but your woman will certainly love what you are doing for her. It will be extremely romantic for you to sing the vow for her. You can really steal her hear by singing. You should forget all the standard and traditional speeches.

You should also forget all the classic and traditional themes. Of course some brides may be fond of a fairy tale type of wedding. But you might be chasing for something more exciting. Think of ditching the confetti and go for releasing live birds! And releasing bides also bears a blessing to your life after marriage. You can also have a beach wedding. If you are crazy enough, taking your vows on a jungle safari can also be a perfect option. Have you ever thought of going bungee jumping and screaming out your vows? If not, this can also be a good idea if you have the courage to do so. You can try something WILD! Alternatively, can also try some more romantic options such as get married on a hot air balloon. Getting married in the place you two first met can also be very romantic. You can treat wedding as a game and you are really making fun out of it. Wedding is, at the end of the day, mean to be fun right? By doing this you can also keep your guests entertained.

Considering the wedding invitations, you can also think out of the box. You can add some creativity to the cards. You can put some funny images on the card. You can create a cartoon drawing of the bride pulling the groom along by his necktie for example. Go all out with wedding invitations in terms of creativity. Have fun images on your card, for example, a cartoon of the bride pulling the guy along by his necktie! You can use your imagination to create the most unique and funny wedding invitation in the world.

The above are only a few ideas for you to get started. It can be part of your brainstorming ideas. Of course you will also need to think about the guests. Be practical but at the same time creative! You should be able to plan a very unique wedding for both of you and your guests.

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