OK, let’s see. Which do you want first, the good news or the bad news? Well, the bad news is that a recession has hit the economy, but the good news is that Network Marketing booms during this period in time. Some would find it weird and wonderful that there could possibly be good in the course of a recession, but those who understand low-cost entrepreneurship and economics will see that individuals with any intelligence will rush to find alternative sources of income.

Not every company struggles during a recession, especially Network Marketing companies. They actually work best when times are bad by, enjoying high gross margins, low capital intensity, and best of all a lot of free cash flow.

It does not matter if you are just starting out in Network Marketing, or one of the top earners in your company, now is the time to get out and work the business like never before. People’s minds are now opened to opportunities that will generate extra streams of income into their household to support their current lifestyle(s). If they are not worried about losing their job, they are certainly worried about it downgrading.

Rod says, “MLM is the only hope for the little guy in America. Let’s protect the American Dream!”

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Rod Cook started retailing products in MLM in 1968. He built powerful organizations with that training. By late 1969 he made over $380,000 (over a million in today's dollars) as a college student selling MLM"Liquid Soap." Later years produced more 7 digit success! Rod started "PAID" MLM Consulting in 1984 on MLM pay plans for MLM top leaders. In Asia, Consultant Rod Cook is known as the "Wise Elder Uncle", in Russia "The MLM Cossack, and in the Middle East "The Man To Go To."

In his 1969 explosion over $200,000 of his earnings were from Japan. In later years when he was making over $1.2 million a year, 1/2 of his earnings came from Europe and Asia. He knows MLM worldwide like no one else!
As the MLM Watchdog(tm), Rod and his staff of 600 field reporters handle up to a 1000 questions or complaints a month about MLM. Each year hundreds of MLM Companies, Party Plans, and Multi-Affiliate Programs are surveyed. Failing MLM pay plans are tracked as well as good ones. Illegal activity is analyzed. Consultant Rod stores knowledge gained every day in his MLM WatchDog database. Knowledge is your key to predicting the future. Consultant Rod Cook is considered the ultimate MLM "Marketing" and MLM Competitive Intelligence knowledge source. Be sure to do research in the MLM WatchDog to protect you and your company! Rod says, "MLM Is The Only Hope For The Little Guy In America." This has built him a fan club of millions because he is dedicated to protecting the American Dream.