I was paying for the massage I had just received when my eyes fell upon a small sign. I read it. It said:

"Don't Believe Everything You Think."

I broke out laughing. I flashed on all the times I had marched righteously into my life having believed some thought that I had been done an injustice.

There were memories of times I had let my thoughts convince me an action I was going to take would have terrible consequences and I would be 'safer' to stay put. Or the incidents of scaring myself into inaction, or rash action.

I can't even guess how often I believed the thoughts I was holding onto were true, only to find out otherwise.

I have concluded, just because I think something doesn't mean it's true.

What is true is that we can't control our thoughts. Thoughts are electronic impulses moving through the brain. What we CAN control are our choices. We can CHOOSE to be curious about our thoughts and wonder about our thinking.

Imagine asking yourself after some thought comes trotting through your head,

"Is this true?
How is the opposite also true?
What else might be true?"

If a thought triggers a negative reaction, wonder about the thought. What are you telling yourself? Is that what you want to believe? Is there another possibility?

What is that possibility? Notice that question triggers another thought. Do you like that thought better? If so, choose to invest in the thoughts that open you to creative possibilities.

We can't control our thoughts, yet we can control where we invest our attention. Where do you want to focus?

Focus on what motivates you, opens your heart, encourages kindness, inspires you to share your gifts. This is true creative power.

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As an innovative and inspired educator, counselor and coach for more than two decades, Leslie Karen Sann uses her gifts to awaken possibility, authenticity and joy. As a Board Certified Professional Counselor and Certified Coach, specializing in spiritual psychology and transformational coaching she has supported thousands of people to create the life they really want. Go to living-bydesign.com and sign up for her free newsletter and free eCourse and receive a gift.