Recently, I stood in Victory Circle in Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida. So it was really fitting and proper to remember Henry Ford, the father of the modern automobile and the guy who first applied the principles of the assembly line to the automobile to make it affordable… which was his specific plan. That was his intention.

One of the things I'm reminded of that Henry Ford said was this—that the problem with most business owners and entrepreneurs is that they try and see how much they can get for a dollar, instead of how much they can give for a dollar. Which was his plan, and which has been the plan that I've seen played out here in Disney World.

It's been a number of years since I was here; I'm on my second family, got my seven-year-old daughter here, and she is just enjoying the absolute max out of this event.

When I first purchased the tickets, $226 for the two adults and the child, I knew that's what it would cost, so it didn't seem out of line for anything other than that. But I thought, "Hmm, kinda high," and then went on with it.

But having been there, having gone through so many different rides and attractions and seeing how many different personnel are around, how perfect everything is, how perfectly orchestrated everything is, I can see that this is another example—they come from approximately the same era, by the way, Henry Ford and Walt Disney—of giving, giving, giving.

Giving so much that when people compare the value of what they have to give up in dollars to get what you're offering, indeed, it's another good example of a situation where they have given, and not tried to get.

Which, of course, leaves a good taste in the mouth of everybody who comes. This is generational; you know as well as I know that your children and my children are going to be bringing their children. I knew that I was bringing my children from the time when my Dad brought me.

So give as much as you can. And in the wise, immortal words of Henry Ford: “Don't try and see how much you can get for a dollar. Try and see how much you can give for a dollar!”

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