Turn on your TV, and you are bombarded by advertisements of some brand new medicine, some ‘scientific (?) breakthrough’ or some ‘cutting edge technology’ to treat existing complaints.

The advertisements promise quick relief and paint a very rosy picture of you AFTER you start taking them. Some of them are promising cure even if the ‘causes’ of the complaints are not known !

If you are taking some medicines right now and if you are on them for some time, then you might have noticed,

· that your medical problems are either the same or actually are increased,
· that you have to keep on taking them for a LONG time,
· that your doctor is either constantly changing the medicines or the doses to have ‘better effect’.
· that you are spending more and more for your medications,
· that the number of medicines, you have to take daily, are increasing,
· that you wind up throwing the unused portions of the old medicines away !

But that is NOT all ……….. ,

other problems with the Traditional Medical System are ……… ,

· waste of time and money :- You spend more time in the waiting room than with the doctor. Since the doctor usually sees 6 to 7 patients in the same time slot, he/she can’t give you individual attention and discuss your symptoms, their causes, their remedies etc. It takes several visits and some trial medicines to have some diagnosis. The ‘diagnosis’ time increases if some ‘lab’ tests are needed ! - A trial and error procedure !

· false hope :- The medicines deal with the symptoms only. The real causes are never discussed. Since the causes are undetected, the symptoms reappear when the effects of the medicines wear off. Therefore instead of providing ‘cure’, the medicines just MASK the symptoms.

· The new medicines are more and more expensive, creating more financial drain.

· They provide FALSE and MISLEADING information :-

1. Every medicine HAS side effects. NOT TRUE.

2. New and more effective medicines are developed for improving the health. The reality is that the existing medicines lose their effect as the time goes by, due to the Body’s Natural and Automatic Defense System. New medicines are usually developed keeping the FINANCIAL health of the manufacturers in mind !

3. The course (of doses) need to be completed before the medicines could work. The body DOESN’T have any storage place where the medicines can be stored till the they reach to a certain level before they start working. Either the Medicines Work Immediately or They are Disposed off by the Body.

4. New medicines are the results of ‘Scientific Research’. There is hardly any science in their Scientific Research, since the results vary widely for each research (?).

People are constantly brain washed by the ‘traditional medicine professionals’. And unfortunately, our News Media exaggerate this problem. As a result, the people are stuck with expensive, ineffective and temporary ‘feel good’ man-made chemicals with side effects as bad as the original problems.

In addition, they are hooked on these chemicals for life, and they have to make a choice, ‘either food or medicines’ on a fixed income.

Is there a solution to this problem ?


The solution is the Readily Available Natural Products, we usually consume.

The Natural Products,

· are Readily Available and Inexpensive,

· have No Side Effects,

· can be Discontinued when the Causes are Removed,

· are Effective and Proven,

· have Predictable Results,


· have No Dose Restriction, the dose need NOT be ACCURATE and there is No Harm, if some doses are SKIPPED occasionally,

· can strengthen the Immune System, when continued after the Symptoms are gone, (Strong Immune System helps the body to deal with symptoms Automatically WITHOUT any medications !).

Rajen Doshi.

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Rajen Doshi is experienced in finding the ‘root cause’ ofBoth medical and non-medical problems and solving them.The article and other materials (written by him) are basedon his observations and on his own experience.