From the beginning of time, people have asked questions about their future and their past. The simple truth is that we all are trying to understand ourselves, grasp the concept of why we are the way we are? What is a source of our obstacles? If we have had many lifetimes before, what did we bring forth from them into this life? And – why do we still make so many mistakes? Where is our wisdom?

Dowsing is one of the oldest ways of establishing answers to all those questions. Let's look at the phenomenon of Dowsing – the science and art of searching for....

We all know that everything is created of energy and energy is vibration. If so, then everything has its own frequency, wavelength and is measurable and detectable... How? To simplify this process we can say that when you ask a question an electrical impulse is being sent to your brain. In response, compatible wavelength is created and another electrical impulse is sent back. That kind of impulses creates a micro-constriction of muscles, which push energy down along your arm and underarm to finally reach the string of your pendulum. If the pendulum is held in proper manner, which means, on the proper distance called “personal wavelength”, it creates leverage which is able to move the pendulum. Since “positive” or “negative” state of our energetic system is represented by different amount of energy, we observe also two totally different movements of pendulum.

The principle of recognizing different level of energy in regards to one's state of mind or attitude is nowadays quite popular, well-known and used by such a techniques like: Kinesiology (Muscle Testing), and Polarity to mention just two. Originally, however, it was known and used in Dowsing for millenniums.

Dowsing was practiced as far back as 4,000 years B.C. In ancient cultures such as the Hebrews, Egyptians and Chinese would traditionally used dowsers (called Geomancer at that time) to find the best location for their houses, to heal sick body and soul, or to help with decision making process.

In Europe dowsing is called Radiesthesia. The term "Radiesthesia” has been derived from the Latin word “radius” – ray, and the Greek “aesthesis” – sensitivity. It describes the sensitivity to different kind of radiations or vibrations and our ability to search for it.

Over 90% of population today has high enough sensitivity to become a successful Dowser (in the1970’s only 75% of population had this ability). This rapid increase of number has a lot to do with energetic changes in Earth's own energetic field, what most of us recognize as a “Spiritual Awakening”. It does not matter if you are able to move pendulum from the very beginning or you will need time - it is only a matter of practice.

The majority of today's Science of Dowsing came from many dedicated European (mostly French) Physicists and Egyptologists. Their outstanding work on vibrations, colors and frequencies proved that by using simply tool one can achieve amazing effects. Andre deBelizal and Leo Chaumery spent time in Egypt researching the phenomenon of pyramids, Sphinx, thumbs of Pharos and other ancient structures to find out the emmition of energy from those forms. To do that they developed simply, but extremely precise instruments based on Sacred Geometry. Along with shapes found inside the Great Pyramid and King's Valley they established a set of tools known today as “Egyptian Pendulums” or “Healing Pendulums” due to their extraordinary power generation ability.

In this same time in Europe, a substantial amount of work was being done on Remote Dowsing, called Teleradiesthesia (fr. Abbe Mermet, Enel, Leo Turrenne etc.), new tools were developed to increase accuracy of readings and skill enhancement.
Since Dowsing has been known in Europe for many centuries, with time Dowsers developed very precise and effective ways to approach not only environmental but also medical problems. Along with research done on reshaping and broaden the variety of tools European Dowsers enhanced health assessment methodology, which enables us today to measure not only the state of health, but also the probability of successful treatments. We also have more and more pendulums, which posses healing abilities. Kirlian Photography supports this thesis.
Unfortunately most of today’s New Age teachings of the different disciplines of Metaphysics do not present a deep enough knowledge about the history of shapes, their evolution, and their vibrational influence on the human energetic system and the process of Creation. Therefore students wander from one course to another trying their best to put all the puzzles together. So, let's stress it again – however dowsing is mostly portrayed as a guessing game depending on prayer and faith, real Dowsing has nothing in common with it. It is deeply spiritual, but also science-based, precise technique allowing inquirer to get precise answer to questions of either tangible or intangible nature.

What is the Spiritual aspect of Dowsing? How can we check it out? To answer this question we should recall the research done by the University of Vermont on the frequencies of human brain during sleep, different meditation techniques and dowsing. It proved that during any type of activity brain function on one level only (either alpha, beta, theta or delta). ONLY during the process of dowsing brain uses all 4 levels in this same time! In another words it means that when we dowse we search for the answer on all levels of our existence – from conscious level to deeply subconscious levels! Due to this advanced process our pendulum can simply recognizes the Energy of the Source in us.

Dowsing can enrich people's lives in so many ways, it is hard to describe in short words. To mention just a few it can:
- answer the questions
- clear the environment
- assess health
- evaluate relationships
- remove emotional trauma
- changing non-beneficial energies into beneficial once
- finding lost objects, minerals, water etc.
- check compatibility with object, supplements, people etc.

Dowsing changes peoples lives by teaching them thinking straight, formulate their thoughts, be truthful with themselves. Will YOU dare to open the door?

Author's Bio: 

Rev. Alicja Aratyn M. Eng. is the founder and owner of the Alicja Centre of Well-Being. She is Vice President of the Canadian Society of Dowsers, for last seven years a teacher and lecturer for American Society of Dowsers and a member of Toronto Press Club. She is life-long enthusiast and follower of Esoteric and Metaphysical teachings of Eastern end Western philosophies.

Alicja's vision of the purpose of her own life is to empower and inspire people to reach their full potential by assisting in the manifestation of their dreams and life purposes.

Alicja's mission in teaching is to help her students accelerate their Self-Development, ability to Create and Manifest their Desires, and bring more Joy and Happiness to their lives.

Alicja will change your life forever as she has for thousands of others around the world. Many difficulties in her personal life before and after emigrating to Canada in 1991 led her to creation of Alicja Centre of Well-Being. Despite her Master's degree in Environmental Engineering from Poland, she has dedicated her life to Raising the Consciousness on global scale. Therefore over last 15 years she has traveled extensively to teach, lead and inspire as well as heal and consult - helping people bring their lives to the next level of awareness. As a natural born healer she shares her gift generously.

Like all great teachers Alicja started with transforming her own life, and so now bases her classes and one-on-one practice not only on the Ancient Egyptian School of Vibrations but also on her first-hand experience with many alternative modalities such as: Medical Qigong, Dowsing, Reiki, EFT, as well as many European techniques (Transforming Family Patterns, Releasing Entities, Numerology, etc.). She believes that if she was able to turn her life around for the better, everyone can. It is just a matter of understanding the Universe's rules.

Alicja developed her own, unique system of teaching dowsing, which is known now as “Science of Dowsing”. The system encompasses all levels and applications of Dowsing with an incredible amount of spiritual and scientific knowledge blended together to create a comprehensive and easy to follow course through dowsing. Recently Alicja began teaching the Leadership Program which includes Teachers Training for “Science of Dowsing”.

In Seminars Alicja uses the latest Accelerated Learning Techniques which allow people to increase how much knowledge they remember. Her classes are always well attended due to her unique blend of knowledge, wisdom, and humor.

For those of you, who want to know more about Alicja's trainings, products or services, please contact Alicja Centre of Well-Being @ (905) 848-1233 or 1-877-288-1455