“The heavens themselves, the planets and this center,

Observe degree, priority and place

Office and custom, in all line of order “

– Shakespeare, Troilus and Cressida, Act I, sc. 3, 1.85

“There are no accidents.”

- Alan Walter

Everything you did today, everything you have accomplished in the past, everything you own and cherish, everything that exists, has followed an exact sequence of steps to its creation. If you follow these steps, your dreams will become a reality. If you don’t follow the steps or you don’t know the steps, your life will be a battleground of invisible enemies who seem to have nothing better to do than make your life difficult.

This is a lie. There are no enemies. There is only working with the laws or against the laws.

In the second year of my physics degree I began to see the incredible order and structure of laws governing the movement and interaction of all things around me. Years later I landed at Miami International airport and had the sobering realization that there are no accidents. Everything happens because it was made to happen. Everything happens according to the laws of the universe.

We accept there are laws governing the movement of the planets. We accept the laws of gravity and magnetism, yet we have difficulty seeing or accepting the laws that govern our movement through our lives.

I am constantly amazed at people who believe their lives to be the quirk of fate or fickle circumstance. They believe they have no control over what happens in the lives. “That’s just life” they say, as if that explains it. They don’t see through the apparent disorder to the simplicity of the Blueprint beneath.

This chapter is a quick tour through the entire Blueprint. It starts at the end and works back to the source of everything that happens (or doesn’t happen) in your life. In subsequent chapters we will look at each step of the Blueprint in detail. This will give you a clear picture of how and where to make changes in your life that will make getting what you really want as easy and effortless as possible.
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Since earning his degree in Physics, PaulDrayton has dedicated 12 years to bridgingthe gap between mystical and physical. For the past 3 years, Paul has been aprofessional life coach helping people to create more time, money and successin all areas of their lives. His clients include national celebrities in salestraining and financial independence, as well as a leading expert in sports psychology.Paul has published articles in numerous national magazines.