You ALWAYS get what you want

You ALWAYS get what you want

The role of the subconscious in secretly shaping your

If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking “I definitely don’t always get
what I want!” I hear you, but hang in there a minute, open your mind, and let
me show you how you do always get what you want.

One of the definitions of the verb “want” is “to fail to
possess” (Merriam Webster’s Dictionary). So what you want is what you fail to possess.
If you have it, you can’t want it. Logically, you can’t want, or fail to
something you already have. OK, now let’s look at how that secret
influence, the subconscious mind, works to help you have everything you want,
everything you lack.

Your Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind’s job is to make sense
of the world. It makes sure you live in sane world. It hates it when the world
you live in doesn’t agree with its ideas of the world. If you think about
a time when the world didn’t make sense, you’ll feel what I’m talking about.
Did you like looking at a world that didn’t make sense? No! Of course not!
It feels bad, so you try to make sense of it, or more accurately, your mind

Bearing this action of the subconscious and
the definition of want - “to fail to possess” - what conclusion do you come
to? Think about it for a moment and see if your mind will allow you to make
the connection.

Making it Right

What you fail to possess is what your subconscious
considers necessary to make the world the place it should be. And it does
it’s best to make sure you have it. So what you have that doesn’t agree with
your subconscious idea of what you should have, your subconscious gets rid
of. Whatever you don’t possess but your subconscious believes you should have,
it creates. If, for example, you have the common subconscious model from childhood
that relationships are full of pain, your subconscious will make sure you
have that which you fail to possess, what you should possess – a painful relationship.
It’s what you want. It’s a subconscious want, but remember,
what you don’t know you can’t control.

Subconscious by definition is that which you
are not aware of. By definition is it also everything you can’t be aware of,
because when you are aware of it, it is conscious. How then can you control
your subconscious mind? By making it conscious. Sounds
simple in theory, but how do you make the subconscious conscious in everyday
life? (This is the hard part that most people don’t want to admit to) Go on,
have a guess – how do you tell what your subconscious mind is thinking? It’s
simple – you can see what your subconscious is thinking by looking with honest
eyes at what has been created in your life. Everything you have, or fail to
have, in your life that is contrary to your conscious desires, must have been
created by something that you are not aware of, something that is subconscious.
Yes, your subconscious mind. It kindly created it
for you because you wanted it. You failed to possess that which would make
sense of the world and your subconscious stepped up and gave it to you. And
you didn’t appreciate it, you ungrateful boy or girl!

What to do about it

Looking at what you have but don’t want, and
what you don’t want but have, will tell you what subconscious beliefs you
have to unearth, make conscious and change. There are many self-help methodologies
to help you do this. Find the method that works for you and make it a part
of your life to examine your subconscious beliefs and change them.

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