I am a firm believer that being successful begins with dreams. Dreams are a very exciting way to spark our creativity and to develop goals. Dreams let us imagine the “what if” ideas, fantasies, and those things people only wish for in life. There is a saying that you should always think big and dream big! This is so true!

There are many different ways to dream about your aspirations which include: envisioning something in your head, making collages, thinking in terms of "imagine if" statements, sharing your ideas with other creative people, and writing your dreams down on paper. When you spend time dreaming and imagining what kind of success you could have, you learn to remove any personal limits.Try this now using my goal setting and motivation program!

You have probably heard from others that dreaming and fantasizing about your future will do you no good, and that what it really takes is action. It is not correct that dreaming is a waste of time or is silly. Dreaming is not simply wishful thinking. How are you supposed to achieve your goals if you have never imagined where you want to see yourself down the road? Imagining ourselves already in possession of our goals allows us to become immensely excited about our future and allows us to cultivate hope and inspiration.

Every achievement started with only an idea. Then, once someone had an idea, they had to imagine what would happen with that idea and what it would be like in reality. Remember, whatever the mind can conceive, the brain can achieve! That is so true! The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful people take their dreams and visions seriously! They don't brush off their dreams as being only dreams! Instead they realize that their thoughts could be things, just like seeds could be plants when given the needed nourishment! Only after we have spent time dreaming and thinking will we be able to act. How can one take action without having a dream or vision first?

Can you remember achieving anything, where it wasn’t previously a mere thought, idea or flash of inspiration in your head? Realize that no matter how small your accomplishments, they first started as a thought or vision which allowed you to become excited or passionate about your goal, and helped to motivate you to take action and follow through with the needed plans.

The process of fulfilling our goals can be compared to processes in nature! Think of the beautiful trees you see outside. How did they get to be the great size they are today? They started out with only a small seed in the ground. With much persistent nurturance by the water and the sun the seed slowly grew into a huge tree! The whole process did not happen over night, but over a steady longer period of time.

So you can see how this relates to achieving our dreams - you have to start with a small idea and nurture that idea by thinking big without limits, and dreaming about whatever you want! Dreaming is the first step of planting the seeds into our mind. Once the seed or dream is planted in our minds, and we give it the needed attention and nourishment, our seed grows into a big tree, and we can reap the tangible riches it grows for us.

Dreaming big with no limits allows us to think of ideas and possibilities that we never thought of before, and thus we become unstoppable with respect to great ideas! Think of dreaming big as a process that unlocks little parts of your brain that have never been unlocked and entered into before. Within each new spaces lies the key to unlock another hidden territory, and the process repeats itself! One thought leads to another thought, which leads to another thought and so on! Wow! Who wouldn’t want to practice dreaming big?!

Reflective Exercises:

In addition to the exercises below, also be sure to try my goal setting and motivation program now!

1.Take a few moments to briefly write out one of your dreams. Visualize and think about the answers to the following questions:

• How would you feel if you had achieved that dream?

• How would your life be different? Would you have lots of free time? Would you have lots of money? What would you do with that money? Would you travel or would you spend it on your family and friends?

• How would other people react to you if you had achieved those aspirations? Would they look up to you? Would they want to seek your advice? How might you be able to help other people in your life?

• What kind of people would you end up meeting and attracting into your life because you had fulfilled this dream?

2.What would I like to be, do or achieve with my life?

3.How will I raise my standards for how I want to live my life?

4.What evidence do I have that I can turn my dreams into a reality?

5.What is awful about settling on my life as it is now?

6.Which dreams am I committed to achieving?

7.What expectations have I always held for my life, but haven’t yet attended to?

8.What changes do I want to make in my life?

9.What sort of things have always inspired me?

10.What type of business do I see myself owning?

11.What gets me excited in life?

12.What have I always been passionate about?

13.What sorts of talents and skills come naturally to me?

14.What sorts of things could I not live without?

15.What are my favourite hobbies?

16.What is really unique about me that makes me stand out from others? What do other people find unique about me?

17.What are my favourite topics of conversation?

18.If I had to work in a society where 1) there was no pay, and 2) I had to create my own work and/or services to the community, what would I deliver?

19.How can I stimulate my mind to think of creative, new ways for how to improve my lifestyle?

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Ali’s passion centers around goal setting and motivation. Ali holds a Master's degree in Counselling Psychology, and has tested her principles of change on many clients that she has counselled. Ali has the most comprehensive FREE ONLINE goal setting and motivation program on the internet. Try my goal setting and motivation program now!

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