Driving Ambition

The road to success runs uphill. - Willie Davis

Success = Abundance + Fulfillment + Spiritual Nourishment

Success = Career + Money + Car + House

Success = Love + Family + Health + Financial security

Is it possible to create the ultimate equation for success - a Formula One, so to speak? How do you quantify success? How do you measure successfulness? Is it possible to achieve everlasting success? What does success mean for you? Will you ever be successful? Have you always been successful?

Michael Schumacher, the Formula One racing legend, won The San Marino Grand Prix on Easter Sunday, just hours after losing his mother, who had succumbed to long term illness. As Shumacher stood on the winning podium with an expression of solemnity the musical tribute reflected a mood more of remembrance than celebration. His loss was a poignant reminder that even a Formula One win is only part of the equation: only one component of the Schumacher success formula.

Success is not always guaranteed by a checkered flag. It is not always defined by a demarcation line. And finishing first doesn’t always win the human race. On the contrary, success is measurable by the moment, both tangible and intangible, the journey rather than the destination, a stairway rather than a doorway. How then should we define success?

There is no, one, correct answer. There is no formula one. Successfulness is subjective. Only you know what success means to you and only you will know when you have achieved your desired level of success - your greatest prize - your Grand Prix.

How will you achieve success in the circuit of life? You might find it useful to create a personal formula for yourself which will include every component necessary to engineer your own success. Once you have built the vehicle you can start the journey.

Look after yourself and drive carefully and purposefully!

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Thomas Chalmers is an executive coach based in Scotland. He works with executives, politicians, and entrepreneurs. http://www.idealifeinternational.com . Michael Imani, Ph.D. is a life coach based in Atlanta. He has worked with clients in 6 countries. http://www.michaelimanicoaching.com .