When we hear the word menopause, we usually think of older women above the age of 60. Very rarely do we ever think of ourselves. However, menopause is not a stage necessarily relegated to elderly women. Early or premature menopause is more common than most women realize - it affects about 1% of women between the ages of 15 and 45. Early or premature menopause can occur for a variety of reasons, but in the end it leaves an imprint on the lives of all of the women it affects.

Many people believe that menopause affects women who are older, most commonly in their late forties or early fifties. However, menopause can affect a woman at any age. Though experiencing menopause at a young age is considered a rare event, it is more common than many people may realize. There have been numerous cases documented of early menopause symptoms in people less than forty years of age.

Many females as young as their early teenage years have been known to experience early menopause symptoms. There are many different reasons why the onset of early menopause symptoms may develop in an individual, however, one thing remains certain; the females that experience these symptoms often find the situation very challenging.

Medical treatment for menopause can be either with or without hormone replacement therapy (HRT). The kind of treatment you can take depends on your symptoms, medical history, and your own preferences.

Herbal Remedies for Early Menopause

Magnesium: Often found in calcium supplements, magnesium is a very important calcium helper -- and also appears to help fight the crashing fatigue that often comes at the beginning of premature or early menopause by boosting energy levels.

A hot flash can make you perspire - in some cases profusely - and may bring on headaches, dizziness and an increased heart rate (though it’s nothing to be overly concerned with - it’s usually just your heart trying to cope with the increase in blood flow). An effective method for dealing with hot flashes (or hot flushes depending on what part of the world you live in) is to help control your temperature by wearing several layers of clothing. When you get hot, you can always take some layers off.

Vitamin A or Beta Carotene: If you’re suffering from vaginal dryness -- or if you’ve noticed a change in your skin texture, a drying or loss of elasticity, Vitamin A or beta carotene can help. Vitamin A (which is what beta carotene converts to in your body) helps maintain tissues, skin, and mucous membranes -- which can help fight back against vaginal dryness and skin changes that often come with low estrogen levels.

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