One in 10 people have osteoarthritis, the most common type of arthritis mainly seen in older adults. In osteoarthritis, joints are damaged as cartilage, the joints' shock absorbers, wears down.

While there's no cure for osteoarthritis, treatments are available that can relieve pain and help you remain active. If you actively manage your osteoarthritis, you can gain control over pain.

The good news: A new study shows that massage may reduce pain and improve joint function. Massage therapy is safe and effective in adults with osteoarthritis of the knee, reported researchers at the Yale Prevention Research Center and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

Many people report significant benefits in terms of pain reduction and relaxation, the reason why many doctors recommend massage therapy for their patients. Although there are many forms of massage, the type most people are familiar with is Swedish massage, a full-body treatment that involves stroking or kneading the top layers of muscles with oils or lotions.

Massage therapy can soothe pain, relax stiff muscles, and reduce the swelling that accompany arthritis. Massage and gentle stretching help maintain a joint's range of motion. Research confirms that after eight weeks of massage, patients with osteoarthritis reported less knee pain and stiffness and better knee function.

Massage therapy seems to be a viable option in addition to other treatments for osteoarthritis of the knee. Treatments to date cannot reverse the disease although massage and a good joint supplement may halt its progression.

Weight loss can significantly benefit overweight patients. Relaxation programs and moderate exercise, good nutrition, and education can all help relieve suffering in arthritis patients. Caring family and healthcare professionals can help reduce worries and enable the patient to achieve realistic goals.

Devices such as canes, supports, and braces can take some stress off the affected joint. Avoid aggravating factors such as trauma, excessive weight gain or overly strenuous exercise. Other analgesic therapies, such as heating pads or ice packs, also alleviate suffering. Naturally, care should be taken as in all pain-related illnesses.

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