Communication is an extremely powerful tool for success which, when effectively engaged in, creates strong relationships, harmonious working conditions and allows us to share the best of ourselves with students and colleagues.

By honing your skills in the following five aspects of communication, you will become a strong and skillful communicator.

Set Your Intention

Why do you want to say what you are about to say? What outcome do you want? How do you want this communication interaction to contribute to your relationship with this person?

Make Appropriate Language choices

What words will best convey your intention? What words will best be understood by your listener? What words will best keep the door open for future communication?

Negotiate Win-Win Outcomes

What outcome is best for all parties concerned? What is the minimum you need to feel successful in this negotiation? What is the maximum concession you are willing to make and still feel whole?

Resolve Conflict

What is the real problem? What language choices will best reduce the heat of this communication? What outcome is best for all parties concerned?

Build Strong Relationships

What is my intention for this relationship? What value do I bring to this relationship? Why am I in this relationship? What language choices can I make that will deepen this relationship?

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