Is your home being invaded by ugly, annoying bugs? Are you tired of encountering houseflies and fruit flies that have the nerve to buzz in your ears, fly in your face and land on your food in your own dwelling? Would it make you happy if you could kill them and keep them out of your home? You will achieve these goals by learning pest control techniques and ways to eliminate bugs without spraying your home or calling an exterminator.

We will first discuss ways to kill bugs. One way to kill flies is to pounce on them when they are close to a wall or the floor. When they are very close to a surface, quickly try to slam them against the surface with your hand. If you clap your hands into a fly, rub your hands together to keep the fly from getting away in case you do not hit it hard enough to crush it.

Get a fly swatter. Fly swatters are effective in catching flies off guard because they have tiny holes and the hairs on flies cannot detect the air space in the fly swatters. Another good way to catch flies is to go to Walgreens and buy a fly trapper. This is an object that sucks flies in and keeps them from escaping.

Do you ever get fleas or ticks on you in your home? It is extremely hard to crush them. Simply putting them into water will not work because they can swim. To eliminate them, flush them down the toilet.

Lately we have been getting many fruit flies in our house but they are meeting their demise. My father just bought apple cider vinegar and poured some into a bowl covered by saran wrap that is punctured with three tiny holes to trap fruit flies.

“How will fruit flies smell the vinegar this way and how will they not be able to get out?” I asked him. He explained that fruit flies have a much stronger sense of smell than humans and that once they crawl into the holes, they cannot get out. “Once fruit flies fly into this trap, they will become very consumed with the substance and even if they fly back to the top of the enclosed structure, they will have a hard time finding the tiny holes and crawling back out,” he said.

We will now discuss ways to avoid attracting bugs into your home. One method is to focus on your trash. Take out the trash at least twice a week. If it is not time to take out the trash and your trash bag reeks, tie it up completely.

Another method is to keep your kitchen totally clean. Wipe down your counter and keep it free of grease and food particles. Do not leave food in the disposal. Totally sweep and mop your kitchen.

Do not neglect to keep your refrigerator clean. If you leave any crumbs or stains on the shelves or bottom of the refrigerator, bugs will go in there.

Seal your windows and doors and make sure your doors do not have a gap or open space at the top or bottom. Tape up openings on your ceilings and outside walls. If you have any windows on the outside of your home that lead to your basement while providing an opening, seal or tape them up.

Incorporate these steps to eliminate bugs and make them unwelcome in your home!

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