If you're buying a home elliptical trainer, you'll probably want to make several elliptical trainer comparisons before you buy. With ellipticals skyrocketing in popularity, there are more and more new models out each year which can make choosing the right machine a challenge.

This article will give you 3 easy tips when making an elliptical trainer comparison. You'll learn what you need to look for and how to find the best machine for your personal workout needs.

Follow these tips and you're guaranteed to choose the best elliptical for you!

#1 Compare Apples To Apples

There are 2 places to buy a crosstrainer - online and at a store. It's not fair to compare ellipticals sold online to ellipticals sold at a store. They are two different animals.

For example, at a store, you get to try out the elliptical trainer before buying. However the disadvantage is that you'll also pay more for that elliptical. Stores usually sell a limited number of brands as well, which will limit the models you can compare. If you want to compare more machines you have to locate and drive to the various stores around your neighbourhood.

When you buy online you can compare a large selection of ellipticals from the comfort of your own home. You can also save money. For example, there are several elliptical wholesalers that sell directly to the consumer and can save you up to 45% off retail prices. You can often find deals on shipping and sales tax as well.

So for example, an elliptical machine that runs approximately $1500 in a store might cost you $999 online. So to be accurate, make sure you compare online to online and store to store ellipticals.

#2 Know the Key Ingredients to a Quality Machine

Lots of features make a great elliptical. (For example number of programs, construction, availability of arm bars, forward and backward motions, etc.) However there are 3 essential features to any high quality elliptical. They are:

Brand Name

Smoothness of Ride


Excellent brand names build great machines (the majority of the time). They have the experience, reputation and know-how that you're looking for when you buy. When you research look for names that keep coming up over and over again which will give you a sense of which brands are best.

Smoothness of the elliptical ride encompasses everything from stride length to properly aligned armbars to the proper alignment of footpads. Cheaper elliptical trainers don't always have the alignment right which can cause a jerky ride and result in a less efficient workout.

The warranty gives you a good idea of the quality of construction. Look for a lengthy warranty as that tells you that the elliptical was built to last and to stand up under fairly frequent use. Try to steer clear of the 90 day warranties you get with most department store brands if you can. (Unless you like returning a 200 pound piece of equipment to the store).

#3) Know What You Need When You Compare Machines

It's always great to get a bargain but also try to think in terms of your workout goals. For example, are you planning to exercise regularly? You'll need a medium or high end crosstrainer built to withstand freqent use.

Do you like to pick up the pace when working out? You may want to select a highly stable piece of equipment with a higher user weight capacity.

What about other people who will be using the machine? Do they have height, weight or workout considerations?

By knowing these things when comparing ellipticals, you'll be able to choose a machine that best fits your needs (instead of just choosing the trainer that's on sale this week). You'll get more out of your investment and be much happier with your elliptical.

That's it - now you're way ahead of 99% of people buying an elliptical trainer! Just remember that with elliptical trainers, you do get what you pay for - so don't skimp when it comes to your health!

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Kathryn O'Neill writes for Elliptical Comparison - a site offering easy elliptical comparison charts & reviews.

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