Emotional Clearing Technique

The following is a powerful exercise for strengthening “your truth”
It is designed to clear limiting emotions, aligning the meridians

(acupuncture energy channels), and to increase your focus and feeling of peace. It begins by choosing a personal statement of truth, the clear and simple expression of your being. This statement represents who you truly are, and the knowing, that you live this 100% in your life.

Some examples, and always state them in the positive:

“I always express my loving nature”

“I am always creative and focused”

“I am pure love”

“My relationships are always in the highest good”

Keep these simple. State it, as if, you already have it;
even you don’t always feel you are living it with all of your being!
Begin by expressing the simple and profound words,
you know in your Heart...

Truth Statement Clearing Technique


"I Always Express My Loving Nature"

1) I no longer resist believing________

"I Always Express My Loving Nature" (Truth Statement)

2) I no longer feel ______(negative emotion) "Disappointed"____
when I consider believing______

"I Always Express My Loving Nature" (Truth Statement)

3) I feel___(positive emotion) "Enthusiasm" when I know that___

"I Always Express My Loving Nature" (Truth Statement)

Now let’s fill in the blanks for this emotional clearing:
From the list of The Five Acupuncture Elements below, find just one emotion, which feels most limiting to you, and then the one emotion, which feels, most positive and true. Choose only one of each emotion, after looking over the entire list of The Five Elements. Then substitute your Truth Statement and emotions, for the examples above.

(Choose from these lists of positive and limiting emotions)

The Fire Element
Positive Emotions: Love, Priorities, Hope, Forgiveness, Intimacy

Limiting Emotions: Anger, No Priorities, Hopeless, Hatred, Fear of Intimacy

The Earth Element
Positive Emotions: Faith, Nourished, Approval, Assimilation, Contentment

Limiting Emotions: Anxiety, Hungry, Disapproval, Emptiness, and Disappointed

The Metal Element

Positive Emotions: Inspiration, Expression, Enthusiasm, Release, Self-Worth

Limiting Emotions: Prejudice, Withholding, Contempt, Obsession, Guilt

The Water Element

Positive Emotions: Creativity, Energetic, Inner Direction, Change, Confidence

Limiting Emotions: Fatigue, Procrastination, Outer Referral, Fearful, No Confidence

The Wood Element

Positive Emotions: Transformation, Patience, Forgiveness, Happiness, Love

Limiting Emotions: Stubborn, Impatience, Fear of Love, Unhappiness, Rage

Growth Work and Added Notes:
* Hold your palm to your forehead, repeating each statement,
with eye rotations in each direction (like following a clock)

* The purpose of the eye rotations, are to access all aspects of your conscious and subconscious brain.
This will allow your entire being to integrate the statement.

* Say each one of the 3 statements, 2-3 times rotating the eyes in each direction.

* If you are having difficulty focusing,
this means your Mind Body and Spirit are resisting.
* It only takes a few minutes to complete, any time, day or night.

Stay with it, and within 5-7 days you will feel amazingly clear!

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Blessings Always,

Steven Mayber

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Steven has over 30 years experience in healing, martial arts and personal empowerment.
Areas of expertise include: Touch for Health, Zero Balancing,
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He specializes in Long-Distance Healing, and has
Advanced training in resolving past trauma.
A deep understanding of mind and body relationships,
Flower Essence Therapy, and Applied Kinesiology,
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