It is another snowy day and as I sit looking out my picture window, I watch the fluffy flakes settle onto the ground and nestle in the branches of the trees…the bright red colour of the cardinals is a spectacular sight against the white backdrop…there is a peace and stillness evidenced by the many morning doves sitting quietly in the tree, yet at the same time, there is a flurry of activity as the squirrels play and chase each other around in the snow while swarms of smaller birds swoop in to peck at the bird seed that has spilled from the feeder and then fly away again. I laugh as I’m sure that the package guaranteed that this feeder would be squirrel proof!

I open the door slightly, and although I can hear the familiar noise of the snow ploughs doing their job, the sounds that are more prevalent to my ears are those of the chatting and chirping of the animals.

To me, it is a beautiful day, yet to others it may not be. Somewhere, at this same time, this new accumulation of snow might be cursed at by the driver late for work stuck in traffic, by the one whose new suit just got sprayed with a coating of slush as they stood waiting to cross the street or by the disgruntled traveller watching the departure screen and seeing the words ‘delayed’ or ‘cancelled’ for yet another time. A beautiful day? It’s all a matter of perspective.

Change seems to be the mantra for 2009 and our perspective will have a lot to do with the kind of year we will experience as it does our individual days.

Lose weight…get happy…find balance…the cycle of New Year resolutions is in full swing and making the shift to take care of ourselves mind, body and spirit has been the hallmark message as the way to find what we all seem to be searching for and there are certainly no shortages of talk shows, self-help books and health and fitness regimes to help support our intentions.

Taking care of ourselves on all levels as suggested is certainly needed and a great way to begin living the life we truly desire, however, I have found that there is one more component that could be given more attention.

A lot of emotions are being brought to the surface these days with the financial crisis, wars and personal tragedies that are taking place…fear, frustration, anger, depression, disappointment, loss of security and the list can go on.

We are headed in the right direction as there seems to be a lot more awareness out there as to the feelings and emotions that are being triggered, however, as I listened to the news the other day as they shared that a new study supported that is okay to blow up and have tantrums at the office if you are having trouble with a co-worker, I thought…hmmmm, we have a ways to go!

Imagine if you rarely brushed your teeth, the plaque would build and it wouldn’t feel very good, right?

Can you picture what you would look life if you didn’t exercise and your diet primarily consisted of unhealthy and fatty foods? Would you maybe expand around the middle and then some? Would you feel the heaviness?

Now remember a time when you really, really had to go to the bathroom, and I mean really…. and there wasn’t one to be found. Did you start to feel the pain as your body couldn’t contain it any longer? Did someone decide that it was funny and although you didn’t want to, you laughed or maybe you felt a sneeze coming and oops…well you know what happened next and you couldn’t stop it!

We can be more conscious of our thoughts, eat better, exercise more and meditate for even extended periods of time, however, no matter how much we look after ourselves, mind, body and spirit, we all have an emotional body and if we don’t take care of it, the shoved away emotions accumulate like plaque, we can harden, feel and wear the heaviness of this emotional weight and then, before we know it, they leak out, sometimes even explode as we can only hold so much.

When we healthily take care of our emotions, the feeling that can best describe it is the same feeling of relief when you finally find the restroom…ahhhhh. Having had an inner exercise to keep me emotionally fit for the past 8 years has been the key component that completes my mind/body/spirit connection.

So as we embark on this new year that is sure to be full of changes, we have the opportunity to shift our perspective, be open to the possibilities that the year holds for our life, and by embracing emotional fitness, we will have found a way to stop attracting the same issues and dysfunction in our relationships and our lives by releasing our negativity in a healthy way… stopping those leaks…shedding those physical pounds feeling lighter from the inside out and connecting with more self-love, peace and happiness while discovering more JOY along the Journey Of Yourself!

Make 2009 your year to become physically and emotionally fit!

Author's Bio: 

As an author, speaker and awareness coach, Jo-Anne Cutler is passionately committed to inspiring and empowering others to be the conscious connected parents, teachers and role models our children need them to be. She has created an audio program called Breaking the Cycle, is in the process of writing her own book, is a certified coach using The Inner Workout™ and is also the agent/manager for Colleen Hoffman Smith who created this transformational emotional fitness program. Jo-Anne is the author of several published articles, co-author of 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life, Vol. 2. and 101 Top Child Development and Parenting Articles. She offers private/virtual/phone coaching and consultations as well as a free monthly e-newsletter. Please visit JCConnections or The Inner Workout for more information.