The Caribbean is like finding heaven on earth. There are a total of 60 pristine islands that make up the US and British Virgin Islands. You will be sure to find a vibrant lifestyle, white sand beaches and warm turquoise waters.

The islands of the Caribbean have beguiled sailors for centuries. The Caribbean was once a haven for explorers and pirates; however, today it offers easy flight access from both North America and Europe for the modern-day explorer.

The internet has especially changed the yacht charter industry. The modern-day explorer of today has many choices. How do you choose the most suitable yacht charter company to coordinate your perfect St. John Caribbean vacation? If you have a trusted travel agent, you might just leave the yachting charter company choice up to them. However, you can also be sure the travel agent is able to answer for you some of the following points and questions.

Tips for selecting a yacht charter company may include:

• A company with experience
• What do their past client/travelers have to say about their experiences with the company
• An experienced yacht charter company should be able to match your special sailing or yachting needs to a barefoot yacht or a crewed yacht
• Are they able to arrange discreet, private, high-class, luxury yacht charters for discerning clients?
• Is the company aware of the ever-changing needs of clients and travel agents and keeping up with all changes occurring
• Is the company dedicated to improving the flow of online information
• Does the company provide accurate and professional customer support
• Does the company help clients and travel agents save time, so the client is able to spend quality time with family and friends instead of handling all the details of yacht chartering.
• Does the charter specialist/company actively work on pioneering new business solutions to provide quick, convenient access to a global feet of luxury yachts
• Does the yacht charter specialist exhibit a passion for “sailing”
• Is the business growing and evolving
• Is there an emphasis placed on preparing contracts, offering travel protection insurance and safeguarding clients’ deposits prior to the yacht charter

Yachting is actually a family business. It is more about serving families of all sizes. Yachting charter businesses should show a genuine respect for clients, travel agents and employees as well as everyone else they come in contact. The yachting charter business you choose should have a solid reputation of creating high-trust relationships, as well as being able to share a passion for yachting with their clients. The yachting charter company should be able to:

• Personally know the joy of yachting with family and friends
• Understand the client’s need to plan every aspect of a special yachting vacation
• Select the right yacht and destination
• Prepare the charter paperwork accurately
• Collect the charter funds
• Personally coordinate the yachting vacation with the yacht’s crew and owner

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