The island of Santorini Greece has many beaches. The most famous beaches of the island are:

• Perissa
• Kamari
• Monolithos
• Red Beach

There are black sand and deep blue waters in the beaches of Kamari, Perissa and Monolithos. These beaches are located on the east side of the island and in the tourist areas of the island. The areas offer several hotels, taverns, cafes, bars and beach-bars.

If you like a quieter area, the Red beach near Akrotiri fits this description. The Red Beach is actually the most famous beach of the island and attracts many people. The Red Beach is very different from other beaches in Santorini and even in Greece because of its red volcanic stones. The water here is crystal clear. The local people covered the hot little stones with wood shavings to prevent injuries to bare feet. At the far end of this beach is a little café. Since the Red Beach is several miles from the island’s main attractions, private transportation is required.

It is no wonder the Red Beach is such a popular place. It is truly a majestic type atmosphere. Those who have visited this beach walk away saying it would be very difficult to find a beach anywhere in the world that mixes such vibrant and beautiful colors. It gets a little crowded at the Red Beach also during the peak summer months.

The Perissa Beach is another very popular beach in Santorini Greece. This beach features:

• Black sand, made of lava
• Extends some 7 klm
• Crystal clear water
• Glaring and burning sunshine
• Well organized accommodations including a camping area
• Food and drink at sea front taverns and bars
• Range of sea sports such as windsurfing and water skiing
• A diving club
• There are some trees in the area that offers shade

Perissa is a seaside village with more than five kilometers long dark beach. The main characteristic here is the enormous rock that is called Mesa Vouno and rising 264 meters from the sea. It offers a great landscape at night when the rock is lighted.

Another famous feature of the Perissa Beach that makes it unique from the others is that it is the best protected beach from the summer Aegean winds that are called “Meltermia” in Greek. This beach is located next to Profitis Ilias Mountain, which makes it totally protected from the North.

Other Santorini’s beaches by location:


• Perivolos
• Agios
• Georgios
• Vlihada


• Pori
• Vourvoulos
• Couloumbo: A long sandy beach

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