There is a flow of energy or consciousness, a way of BEING, a state where everything flows together and feels in sync. We move easily from one moment to the next with a sense of meaning and purpose. We feel peace, joy, a sense of well being. This state has been called flow, living from center or simply, BLISS. It feels magical when we find it. Unfortunately this is often a fleeting experience, a moment of grace in the midst of a life filled with stress, conflict, boredom, striving, emptiness and perhaps poor health.

Our personal energy system holds the key to entering this state of flow. Flow opens us to deeper wisdom and truth and helps promote peace, freedom of expression and optimal well being.

We are continually in touch with the world and each other through our energy field.
We constantly pattern and shape energy. These patterns are transferred via thoughts and feelings to biochemistry that creates change in physical, mental and emotional states.

Lack of awareness as to how we manage and shape energy creates obstacles to creating the lives we truly desire. We can learn to manage our energy to generate greater health, peace, joy, meaning and purpose in our lives. Developing this ability helps eliminate conflict, turmoil, feelings of emptiness and instability that create unnecessary struggle and difficulty in our lives. With the heightened consciousness that comes with positive energy management we expand our resources, serenity and capacity for balance. Knowledge and understanding of our individual energy system allows for participation at the deepest level in our physical, psychological and spiritual health.

Currently both science and metaphysics are providing information that can greatly enhance our ability to live richer, more rewarding lives. Understanding the interface between energy, thought, emotion, beliefs and health can benefit us greatly if we use this knowledge wisely to enhance health, self esteem, intuition, creativity and spiritual connection.

Technology has documented a model of human function that embraces energy
We now have a broader and more comprehensive understanding and awareness about ourselves and our lives. We are used to identifying with our conscious mind, body, and five senses. To really know ourselves we need to broaden awareness to include all aspects of being. The ability to connect with and manage our energy empowers us to do this more effectively.

Most of us find ourselves up one day, down the next, bored, in pain, confused, unfocused without really knowing why or what to do about it. We have some awareness of emotions and the link to our thoughts. We also have some recognition that our beliefs affect our personal reality. In spite of this knowledge we still may lack the ability to effectively and consistently use this information to consciously create well being. Energy awareness and management gives us that ability.

Thoughts, emotions, beliefs and action are all energetic events that have effects. Negative emotional states, fear, pain, anger, trauma are powerful, slow moving energy. Often when experiencing these emotions, we may be too overwhelmed to process them, nevertheless the intensity is registered in our system. If the feelings remain unprocessed the result can be a “block” to the flow of energy. Over time this may create a physical problem. In effect, we carry our past forward in time via energy and biochemistry.

Problems with our energy systems can also occur by dissipating energy through worry, fear and anxiety or by ruminating on the past. Learning how our energy system operates and how to influence it helps us to live in present time with all our energy available for well being and positive creation.

External factors influence and reflect our internal energy
Energy or Chi is the life force within and all around us. Chi is carried by wind (air) and water and flows freely throughout harmonious environments. Chi flows through meridians in your body, through your home, through the earth, the atmosphere, the heavens and the cosmos.

Chi is influenced by color, shapes, lighting, position and arrangement of objects, furniture, and more. Good chi flow is essential to a balanced and harmonious life. Chi flow influences and is influenced by our emotions, feelings and moods; our overall health; our outlook on life; our level of energy; our decisions; our physical environment; our living environment and our work environment; the people around us; the people we spend time with; colors, shapes, plant and animal life, lighting, space; the shapes of our houses and buildings; the shapes of our lots and land; the shapes of buildings and objects that face us; everything we have in our homes, offices and spaces we occupy, clutter, cleanliness; the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe; the sun and the moon.

Making adjustments in our space can make a significant difference to improve health, energy levels and life! The right adjustments in get the chi flowing in ways that support our needs. When you use the principles of feng shui to balance the chi in your living and working environment, you can create spaces that support your life. So, by tuning in and paying attention to the look and feel of our space, we are paying attention to our own needs.

Energetic awareness can significantly impact your life in a positive direction!

Peg Donahue and Karen Kallie
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Peg Donahue
Peg is a feng shui practitioner, a Building Biology Environmental Consultant, teacher, a transformational coach and author. Her consulting business is Feng Shui Connections, Windham, NH. She is also a Prosperity Guide, an Emotional Freedom and Healing™ facilitator, a co-author of Dorm Room Feng Shui, and a co-founder of The Center for Feng Shui and Intuitive Arts.;
Karen Kallie
Karen Kallie, R.N., M.A.C.P., EFT-ADV
Karen is a Nurse-Psychotherapist with advanced training in Mind-Body Medicine and Energy Psychology. She received her nursing degree from Massachusetts General Hospital and her Masters in Counseling and Psychology from Lesley College. She is certified in Mind-Body Medicine, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Interactive Guided Imagery, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Emotional Freedom technique and Quantum Psychology.
More than 25 years of experience have enabled her to integrate mind-body medicine into nursing, psychotherapy and stress management, bringing a dynamic synthesis of Eastern and Western approaches to her practice.;