Technology keeps churning out innovations that promise to change, improve, or make our life easier. One of these revolutionary and ambitious technologies pledges to change the way we write English, whether or not we’re native English speakers.

Since the first word possessors surfaced a few decades ago, developments in the field of English grammar software have taken up the ambitious challenge of transforming our English writing into correct and rich by using advanced Natural Language Processing.

How Does it Work?

Most professional grammar processing solutions rely on a smart English analyzing engine which is constantly fed with a massive quantity of accurate words, sentences, and phrases¯simulating the human mind¯and eventually rolling out an updated online grammar dictionary that compares the user's existing written text with the analyzed results, suggesting corrections.

Top Benefits

(1) Upgrades English writing - professional and accurate.

(2) Saves proofreading time and most importantly, embarrassing grammar or spelling errors.

(3) Improves overall English writing skills.

Choosing the Right English Grammar Software

Many English writing solutions are available today; however, several key issues must be carefully examined when choosing your solution. Make sure the solution you choose:

(1) Is based on a smart, auto-updated online grammar dictionary.

(2) Supports any text-based applications.

(3) Provides an intuitive user interface and includes the following features: proofreading, automatic punctuation check, online spell check, online synonyms dictionary and text enrichment.

(4) Provides you with ready-made templates for various purposes, such as business correspondence, thank you notes, and memos.

(5) Includes translation features that enable instantaneous translation of any given text.

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