Last time we discussed “enlarging your capacity”,
your ability to receive, hold or absorb. Your
potential for growth or development. Your
capacity to believe and receive.

We talked about several items used to contain
water, a glass, water pitcher, bucket, pond,
river and an ocean.

The containers represented your mental capacity
to believe and receive and the water symbolizes
your blessings (wisdom, knowledge, opportunities,
favor etc.).

Each container could receive and hold water but
the amount of there volume varies from small to
enormous. We imagined that you were a glass
(your mental capacity to believe and receive)
and I was a water pitcher (my mental capacity to
believe and receive). And I poured out my blessings
(wisdom, knowledge, opportunities, favor etc.)But
you could only receive and contain equal to the
capacity to which the glass was designed.
In other words you became full long before my
capacity to pour out was exhausted.

I concluded that it stands to reason that if
you want increase you must “enlarge your capacity”
I further illustrated that it would be silly of me
as a water pitcher to become bitter, envious or
jealous of the bucket, pond, river and ocean.
Because if the bucket, pond, river or ocean were
to pour out all of their contents (wisdom, knowledge,
opportunities, favor etc.) into me.

As a person with water pitcher mental capacity to
believe and receive. I would only be able to receive
and hold the capacity of my mental capacity to
believe and receive. Your accumulations in life
good and bad are related to your capacity to believe
and receive.

Today I want to share some methods and resources
you can use to “Enlarge Your Capacity.” When Jesus
wanted His followers to expand their capacity,
He reminded them, “You can’t put new wine into old
wineskins.” You cannot become an ocean if your
attitude is restricted to that of a glass.

You must stop dwelling on negative, destructive
thoughts that keep you in mediocrity. You cannot
enlarge capacity until you first change your thinking.
You must conceive it in your heart and mind before
you can receive it. Start seeing yourself in a new
light, see yourself living in that new home, as a
successful business person, and envision yourself
as a prospecting magnet.

Get rid of small minded thinking, Think Big.
Think Abundance. “Enlarge Your Capacity.”


Author's Bio: 

Johnny is an award winning speaker and author. As a proud member of the Les Brown Speaker’s Network and the John Di Lemme Millionaire Lifestyle Club he is committed to working with people who struggle with addiction, destructive behavior or any other form of bondage that is holding them captive.